How to Respect Yourself in the Morning: Getting Comfortable Saying No

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HOW TO RESPECT YOURSELF IN THE MORNING getting comfortable with saying no Larissa Scordato | @larissascordato Digital Project Management Summit, 2015

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/ no /no/ 1.  2.  3.  4.  Used to give a negative response Expressing disagreement or contradiction A negative answer or decision Used to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified

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I live in Phoenix…

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.. . .. . .. . . I work with Phuse…

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over-communication a.k.a. the art of managing an international, remote team of clients and co-workers

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Our memory is like the telephone game: Each time we recall an event, our brains distort it

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story time!

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I got my start at Forty…

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idea ! Why waste project hours to walk a client through a plan they’re perfectly capable of reading?

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Clients read all of our emails, don’t they?!

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OMGWTF?! About 15% of people read everything you send them (and more!) TL;DR The rest are like, “K, thanks, bye!”

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The biggest communication issue we have boils down to our assumption that it has already taken place.

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You never told me that…

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Um…that’s not what we asked for.

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I feel like you’re trying to nickel and dime me…

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Not setting ground rules, and clear expectations from the beginning leads to project failure.

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This is why Project Managers should have a “first date” with every client.

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1. kickoff/goals 2. assumptions/tech/ deliverables 3. the initial plan 4. risks and your role First Date

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Our role is not to boss around our teams

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Nor are we there to give the client everything they want

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our role is to manage the PROJECT

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our role is to manage the Scope

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our role is to manage the deliverables

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our role is to manage the budget

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our role is to manage the timeline

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“When you are tired of saying it, they are starting to hear it.” -Jeff Weiner

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let’s practice!

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Thanks! Larissa Scordato | @larissascordato [email protected]

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