How To Build An Online Portfolio

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Overview 1.  How  to  look  legit   2.  How  to  make  a   sweet  site  (without   technical  wizardry)  

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Consider your audience Who  might  be  looking  at  your  site?     What  might  they  want  to  know  about   what  you  can  do?  

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Content Essentials About  Me  page   Consider  from  the  perspecEve  of  what  a  business  might  need.  Add   years  experience,  experEse  or  courses,  awards,  skills  or  soIware.     Think  of  it  as  a  1  paragraph  resume.     List  if  you  are  a  freelancer  and  available  for  work.     Contact  details   Just  what  you're  comfortable  with.     This  could  be  email,  or  a  contact   form  with  your  details  hidden.  

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Content Essentials Show  your  stuff   Showcase  a  variety  of  things  you  can  do  –   eg.  Variety  of  mediums.   Consider  what  services  businesses  might   be  looking  for  eg.  CreaEng  logos  more   oIen  than  straight  up  illustraEon.   NEED  INSPIRATION?     If  you  don’t  know  what   businesses  might  want   from  you,  google  other   companies  in  your   industry.  See  what  kinds  of   content  their  por<olios   show  off  and  consider  if   you  should  show  off  similar   types  of  work.   Have  a  consistent  message   DON’T Keep  your  skills  to  1  –  3  key  skills  and  show  how   you  specialise  in  that  area.  Don’t  be  a  “jack  of   all  trades,  master  of  none”.  

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More Content To Consider Keep  it  fresh   If  you’re  blogging  or  keeping  a  porVolio,  keep  it  regularly  updated.  Aim   to  refresh  your  site  three  Emes  a  year  at  a  minimum.     If  you  have  lots  of  images,  “save  for  web”  or  reduce  the  image  size  to   they  load  faster  on  your  site.  You  don’t  want  people  to  leave  before   they’ve  seen  your  stuff!     Professional  Picture   Include  a  picture  of  you  looking  professional   for  your  industry.   Might  be  in  front  of  a  bookcase,  in  front  of   drawing  equipment,  or  in  a  suit.  Own  it.    

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Website Options FREE:  Lots  of  free,  nicely  designed  sites  where  you  just  put  your   content  into.  LimitaEons:  can’t  choose  own  URL,  limited   customisaEon,  may  have  ads.     Examples:,  Free.     DROP  AND  DRAG:  You  can  buy  a  professionally  designed  site  and   webspace  combined.  Just  put  your  content  into  with  no  ads.  May   have  limited  customisaEon.  Some  include  URL.   Examples:  Squarespace,  Wix,  Weebly.  HosEng  -­‐  around  $4  -­‐  $10   month.     DESIGN  IT  YOURSELF:  You  can  buy  web  space  and  install  your  own   website.  Requires  a  liele  more  technical  knowledge,  more   customisable,  ad  free.     Examples:  or  build  on  your  computer  using  HTML.   HosEng  -­‐  around  $4  -­‐  $10  month.    

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Domain Names Don’t  want  to  use   But     A  custom  domain  name  will  look  more  professional  –  but   needs  to  be  paid  for.     These  are  oIen  bought  separately  from  a  domain  registrar   and  could  cost  around  $8  a  year.  

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More tips Many  websites  today  have  most  of  their  traffic  come   from  mobiles.  Most  sites  will  have  a  separate  design  for   mobile  –  ensure  yours  works  on  a  mobile  device.     SEO  “Search  Engine  OpOmisaOon”  –  submit  your  website   to  be  indexed  by  Google.     Also,  when  you  create  content,  make  sure  you  include   the  words  people  will  google  when  searching  for  your   industry  eg.  ‘graphic  design’.  Make  sure  your  posts,   pages,  images  and  tags  use  these  keywords.  

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The Checklist q About  You  page  as  a  mini  resume.  Why  should  someone   hire  you?  Are  you  free  for  work?   q Add  Contact  details   q Show  a  variety  of  your  work  -­‐  especially  things  a  business   might  be  interested  in.   q Have  a  consistent  message  to  show  your  key  skills   q Add  a  professional  pic     q Website  opEons:  Free  (tumblr),  paid  drop  and  drag   (Squarespace),  DIY  (   q Domain  names  aka  URLs:  separate  purchase    

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Exercise Our  boss  has  given  us  $150  to  get  a  graphic  designer  to  make  a  new  logo  for  our  business.   A  friend  has  recommended  we  hire  his  friend  WolIron  the  wolf.         Based  on  WolIron’s  site,  do  you  think  he  can  do  the  job?   Check  out  his  site  here:  hep://awesome-­‐       What  could  he  do  to  make  his  get  more  business?   Come  up  with  5  things  he  could  do  to  make  his  site  beeer:    1. _______________________________________________________   2. _______________________________________________________   3. _______________________________________________________   4. _______________________________________________________   5. _______________________________________________________  

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