How to Build a Growth Team

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! The Answer to: How to Build a Growth Team If your work revolves around increasing leads and sales, the struggle is not about “If” you should use high-growth marketing, but more about “When” you should. Brought to you by: Samuel J. Woods Growth Marketing Consultant / @heysamwoods

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! The “When” of Growth Depends On Your Business State Do You Know Yours? • For a business owner or someone in charge of marketing, this basic idea that your business finds itself in a general stage or phase of growth, is tremendously valuable for plotting your next marketing move. • Where your business is, and where it intends to go, dictates not only your strategies, but your timing as well. " SOLAR

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" SOLAR The Model To Help You Map Where You Are & What To Do Next

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" SOLAR ! • Your business, and mainly your products, will be shifting in and out of these “states” throughout the “lifetime” of your business • For you, this means that each “state” represents your attempts to most effectively match internal capacity and process with external customer or market demand.

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! What then is the 80/20, the simple list, of what you should be doing in each state? " SOLAR

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! " SOLAR “What marketing should I do in each state?” “When should I build and use a Growth Team?” ?

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" SOLAR ! Whenever you’re asking yourself what marketing you should deploy and when you should build a “growth team”, you always need to consider three things: 1.What “phase” is your business in? 2.What are you trying to accomplish? 3.What are you existing capabilities?

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! In The The Seed / Startup Phase, You Need: Traction Marketing • If you’re a Startup who’s not yet reached sustainable Product/Market Fit, you need to executive on Traction Marketing strategies only and find those customers or users fast. • Your whole team might only consist of just one “growth hacker”, along with any creative or data support in the form of contractors. " SOLAR

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Startup / Seed Phase " SOLAR

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! If You’ve Found Product + Market Fit, Then You Need: Growth Marketing + Build Growth Team • When you’ve hit Product/Market Fit, you double-down on high-velocity strategies focused on capitalizing on the channels you’ve uncovered. • The idea is to discover tactics for acquisition through experimentation. Your Growth Marketing consists of focused campaigns that tend to bias Acquisition, Activation and Retention more than anything else. • Now is the time to capture knowledge and put in place systems, as well as making your first full team member hire. " SOLAR

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Growth / Build Phase " SOLAR

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! If You’re Achieving Growth, Then You Need: Brand Response Marketing • Now and only now do you add “brand marketing” elements to the mix. • It’s important to maintain the “growth mindset” for every campaign you run. • It’s much better to foster a “culture of growth hacking” in your growing marketing department. " SOLAR

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Build / Established Phase " SOLAR

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! In The Expansion And/Or New Product Marketing Phase, You Need: Growth Marketing & Team • In this phase, your business is best served by using Growth Marketing for expansion projects and/or a new product. • For your Growth Team, this should be a separate, dedicated team consisting of 2-4 specialized team members who are exclusively focused on these activities. " SOLAR

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Expansion Phase " SOLAR

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! If You’ve Reached A Maturity Phase, Then You Need: Brand Corporate Marketing • You need Brand Corporate Marketing, which are “traditional” campaigns, such as TV ads, brandfocused advertisement, thought-leadership, and primarily about branding. • Keep a dedicated team (apart from your traditional team) that maintains experimentation and testing on any new channels or platforms that are created. • It’s vital for the continued success for you to keep trying new avenues for acquisition and capturing market share. If you go stale, you will lose to competitors. " SOLAR

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" SOLAR Maintain / Maturity Phase

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! A few observations: • The focal point and key to P/M Fit, Traction, and marketing throughout different states is your Buyer. Your Buyer is the thread and anchor in a sea of change. Everything you do revolves around aligning with your Buyer. • As much as you’re managing internal state changes, once you realize that you’re also managing and influencing state changes with your Buyer, new possibilities for creativity, ideas, and execution opens up. • Your ability to beat competition is relate to how well you stay agile and adjust to change. " SOLAR

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" SOLAR Building A Growth Team At The Right Time, For The Right Reasons Timing, in that you understand what trajectory your company is on, and what the trends are. Context, as in having an astute awareness of what phase your business is in.

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WHO IS SAMUEL J. WOODS? “Hey, I’m Samuel J. Woods, nice to meet you!” I’m a Growth Marketing Consultant, specializing in helping B2B businesses develop and optimize growth funnels that predictably generate more leads and sales. More specifically, I help Founders, CEO’s, VPs of Marketing/Sales, CMOs, and Marketing Managers develop systems, teams, and campaigns that yield exponential and disproportionate results from their efforts. @HEYSAMWOODS $%&

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