How to Take Charge of Your Personal Brand

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What it is + how to do it.

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HI. I’m Andrea. I’m a connector of people and opportunities. I’m a go-to person for innovative ideas or an artistic touch. I bring the insight of a boomerang Duluthian just on the edge of the Millennial generation.

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HI. I’m Dave. I’m a matchmaker. I’m a public address announcer. I am proud to keep talent in Duluth! my motto is “Impact one person every day, change one life, change many.”

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Every interaction is an opportunity.

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the interview starts far before the interview itself.

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in the parking lot

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In the elevator

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In the reception area

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what kind of impression do you want to leave behind?

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build your personal brand. know it and own it.

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every moment is a chance to make it or Break it

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What kind of impression are you leaving?

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in the classroom?

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in your social world?

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in your workplace?

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in your community? Painting of Mayor Don Ness and Jim Carlson by Joe Kander

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what kind of brand do you want to be giving off??

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how do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

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what is your unique value proposition? skills and abilities Interests and Values Personality

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10 ways to own and hone your personal brand:

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1. understand your current message...

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...and make change where change is due.

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2. identify what sets you apart... roles/responsibilities values/beliefs skills/talents strengths interests/hobbies goals/purpose

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...and articulate your brand. SS SINE r L BU u ONA esent yo RS epr e PE Mak S that r D CAR ! d bran

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3. build an online presence Connect Follow Blog Tweet Comment Share Like Pin Link in

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4. build a campus presence Find joy. Get involved. Try the uncomfortable . Believe in something. Get to know your professors. Take on a leadership role Use your voice. Believe in you. Show up. Form relationships . Offer Help. Ask for help.

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5. build a community presence Be present. Build a support network. Pay attention. Attend Networking Events. Volunteer. Give back. Engage in your community. Join a board. Join professional groups.

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6. write. write well. write often. Professional Emails. Content. Thank you Notes. Resume and Cover Letters.

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7. master the basics

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8. read. for fun.

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9. adapt your brand as you evolve.

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10. Remember that life is an interview.

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every day is a chance to make it or break it.

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WHat is the personal brand you want to leave behind?

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if you want to connect with us Andrea Chartier, Career Counselor The College of St. Scholastica [email protected] Dave Cook, Career Services Manager Duluth Business University [email protected]

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