Why I Want to Work in a Call Center (And Why I Ultimately Don't)

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A tale about how I started working in Customer Service

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A tale about how I started working in Customer Service

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I once was told as a student You should totally work in a call center Steven

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I once was told as a student There is no better place to understand customers

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So I went for a job interview

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I’m sorry, a job interview

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3 Reasons why getting into Mordor is easier ...

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…than getting into a Call center 3 Reasons why getting into Mordor is easier ...

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Mordor Call Center 1. Do you know who you are dealing with?

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Mordor ✓ Evil Sauron Call Center ✗ No idea

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If websites were honest …

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If websites were honest …

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Mordor ✓ Evil Sauron Call Center ✗ No idea 2. Which department is responsible?

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Mordor Call Center ✓ Evil Sauron ✗ No idea ✓ Mount doom ✗ No idea

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Ever felt like the hot potato being tossed around in the company’s maze? Or tried to find your way through the countless selection menus?

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Mordor Call Center ✓ Evil Sauron ✗ No idea ✓ Mount doom ✗ No idea 3. What do you need for your quest?

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Mordor Call Center ✓ Evil Sauron ✗ No idea ✓ Mount doom ✗ No idea ✓ The Ring ✗ Name, age, client ID, birth date, product code, purchase date, dog’s name, favorite unicorn color ...

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It’s clear we have a problem

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… or did it happen already?

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Meet Tony Hsieh, CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos

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The business model ✓ Free shipping. ✓ Free returns. ✓ 365 days returns.  75% sales from repeat customers.

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The customer service is located on the highest floor of the building.

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... and the CEO sits right in the middle of it.

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Human resources ✓ Seeking cultural fit. ✓ 1 month training focused on culture. ✓ $ 3000 as a bribe to quit the job.

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Employee motivation ✓ Give people a voice. ✓ Assign responsibility. ✓ Give them a budget. ✓ Allow people to be as they are.

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So why do we care?

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What they tell you it is all about ... Loyalty Steven, satisfied customers, that’s the thing

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What it is really all about ... Money, money, money!

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Because an accountant won’t make the difference. Profits from a happy customer looks just the same as profits from an unhappy customer.

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Departments are still all too often accountable for their results. Not how they achieve it.

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suck And we at measuring satisfaction.

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Traditional surveys are too long and waste the time of the customer.

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They often get lost as a report in an archive, instead of changing behavior.

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Most surveys are anonymous, making it impossible to close the loop.

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In B2B the surveys are often completed by administrative clerks who can’t give relevant feedback instead of key decision makers.

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The surveys are written in the language of the researcher and confuse the customer.

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The results are easily gamed and manipulated to make the reality look better than it actually is.

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So is there a solution?

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Say hello to NPS the new customer satisfaction hero.

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Net Promoter Score

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Just one question matters: On a zero-to-ten scale, how likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

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Which leads to 3 types of customers:

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The promoters, who give a 9 or 10 

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Promoters generate 80% of the positive word of mouth.

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“Do what you do so well, that people can’t resist telling others about you.” - Walt Disney

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Promoters have a higher annual spend and are less price sensitive.

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The passives, who give a 7 or 8 

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I once heard: An average score of 7 or 8? That’s awesome Steven!

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Passives got what they came for. No more no less. Once done with you, they will find another company.

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The detractors, who give a 0 to 6 

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Detractors cause 80% of the bad mouthing to friends family, colleagues or anyone who will listen. (social) media anyone?

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Increasing service costs by reporting problem after problem.

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Detractors consume more customerservice resources and demotivate.

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But it’s not all BAD

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“Your most unhappy clients are your greatest source of learning” - Bill Gates

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So let’s dream …

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And remember a time when companies knew our grandparents’ names and preferences.

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Whether we like it or not: employees and customers need each other to be happy.

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It’s a love story. One yet to be told by many companies. But not an impossible one.

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