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Your Brand “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos

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World’s largest professional network on the Internet. More than 259 million members. Over 200 countries/territories. Over 30 million students and recent college graduates.

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37,500+ Links shared 900,000+ Pages viewed 160,000+ Professionals will visit 10,000+ New members LinkedIn Stats - in the next 90 minutes

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Who is on LinkedIn?

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Who needs an updated profile on LinkedIn?

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You Can’t Leverage Yourself If You Don’t Know How To Use The Tools (c) Joe Barnes,

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Do Recruiters Use LinkedIn To Find Candidates? YES!

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Lesson #1

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Recommend or Apply? A recommendation about you to a recruiter or a LinkedIn contact is far more valuable than applying for a job directly! (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #2

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Use A Good Picture and Strong Title (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson 3

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Have a Headline That GRABS the Attention of Recruiters: Example: “Experienced marketing specialist who never misses a deadline.” (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #4

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Use Key Words Marketing Specialist? Say that several times in your profile. Social media expert? Say that several times in your profile. (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #5

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Brand Story

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Lesson #6

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How Can I Help You? Get a custom URL. Source:

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Lesson #7

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List Accomplishments Not Responsibilities (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #8

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Connect With Recruiters Connect to as many recruiters as possible. . Having recruiters in your network increases your chances of popping up on searches

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Lesson #9

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Get Endorsements

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Lesson #10

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Give Before You Receive LinkedIn is a business network. Recommend the work of people you respect. They will likely return the favor.

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Lesson #11

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Join Many LinkedIn Groups Expand Your Network of Contacts. Become Known as a Thought Leader and Draw Attention to Yourself. Ask Members for Introductions to Recruiters and Business Contacts. Start Conversations and Discussions! 33 (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #12

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Post Videos and Presentations Share! Video grabs the attention of people. Presentations that are interesting and relevant will be used and remembered. (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #13

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DO NOT INCLUDE….. Typos Grammatical Errors School email address Acronyms (Member of DHMY) (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #14

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New Connections! Acknowledge each new connection. . Thank your new connections for making the effort to reach out.

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Lesson #15

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Pictures Not To Use…. Party Picture Selfie No picture Black and White Boring Crazy! Sexy (c) Joe Barnes,

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Lesson #16

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Post Relevant Information! LinkedIn is not Facebook. Status updates should share good resources that are helpful to busy executives.

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Lesson #17

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Stand out by adding rich, visual work to your profile ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved

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Lesson #18

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Summarize Your Strengths! Summarize your strengths, not your work history. . Focus where you want to be rather than where you’ve already been.

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Lesson #19

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Export Your Connections!

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Lesson #20

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Newsle: News About Your Contacts

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Lesson #21

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Lesson #22

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Use LinkedIn Help! Visit and use the LinkedIn Help Center View the helpful webinars with advice about job searches

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