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The Perfect Resume prepared and presented by Adrian Tan

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Founder/MD of RecruitPlus, specialist recruitment agency since 2004 President of Singapore Professional Recruitment Organisation Co-Author of “Everything you wish to ask a Headhunter” Speaker Trainer

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Remain standing if you possess the following You have a resume You have a professional photo in your resume You use a uniquely designed resume template You list down quantifiable achievements Each resume carry a specific objective statement You tailor your resume depending on the function you are applying for

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Purpose of a resume Effectively communicate your assets Convince prospective employers to interview you based on your qualifications Create a professional image of yourself and establish your credibility Provide a sample of your written communication skills

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Basic Resume Format – Dos & Don’ts Layout clean and easy to read Hardcopy - use high quality ivory or white paper Stick with one standard font, using bold and italics only if necessary. Begin with your name, age, address, e-mail and phone number(s) to make it easy for a potential employer to contact you. Do not give personal information such as IC number, height, weight, etc.

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Targeted for the Job Constructed for the job you are applying for (the targeted job). Keep your resume to three pages, and don’t exceed eight pages. A short, concise representation of your work history, experience and education is most likely to be read.”

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What Skills Do I have to Offer? Knowing the answer to: Why should I hire you? Look for common themes running through your career (are you the person who always comes in to clean up a mess? Or maybe you’re the person who always sees a better way to do things.) Ask co-workers or former managers how they would describe you. Look back over old performance reviews or reference letters and look for common themes.

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My Personal Skills Assessment Identify skills and strengths Dress it up E.g. Raw skill: I can cook After dressing: I can cook 24 kinds of cuisine – from Mediterranean to Japanese.

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What is the Best Resume Format for You? May be difficult for some job seekers to effectively sell their skills Essential that you choose your resume format wisely. Goal is to find a suitable layout that will help you highlight your strengths and hide or disguise your shortcomings or other resume blemishes.

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First 10-15 Lines of Your Resume Resume is a MARKETING document for busy readers. First 1—15 lines crucial to capturing attention. Like a newspaper, if what they see interests them, they’ll continue reading.

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Choosing the Right Resume Format Keep it clean and simple The best resume formats are a targeted or tailored resume. Types of different resume format options   Combination Chronological Functional

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Use the Combination Resume Using a combination resume combines the best features of the traditional chronological (where the dates are in reverse order) and Functional (where skills are listed up front) resumes.”

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Works for Everyone Works for entry level candidates as well as for senior executives who have 20 years experience who need a stronger and better resume: There is an important 15-line section at the top for writing an employer-oriented Job Objective and a summary or profile or qualifications statement.   Enables you to present what you can do as well as a summary of what you have done in the top half of page one. Managers and executives will also be able to include two to three columns listing their areas of experience or expertise.

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Common Resume Components Section Headings Objective Professional Summary Work Experience Use Accomplishment Statements Education Section Skills Section

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Section Headings One or two words that accurately represents the category of content to be placed beneath the selected section. Quickly and easily directs the potential employer to the content/information. Represented by the size and style fonts, formatting, sequencing, and style that reflect the importance of the heading and direct the potential employer to the appropriate section.

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Objective Determine what you're trying to accomplish. It’s not about you, it’s what the hiring manager wishes to see.  Research the position you are applying for , the company and the field you want to go into.   Focus on the employer - stay away from resume objectives that state your working preferences, such as "seeking a team-oriented environment that fosters professional development.“   Be specific - steer clear from statements that say nothing substantial about your career goal (e.g., "seeking a challenging position with potential for growth and advancement"). Keep it clear and concise - the best resume objectives contain a desired job title or target. Hiring managers often sort through hundreds to thousands of resumes to fill one job opening. Make it easy on them by keeping your objective short and to the point.  

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Professional Summary Purpose - summarize your experience and highlight dimensions of your background that the reader may otherwise miss or discount. Resume readers look for specific work and industry experience and positions you've held to try and weave together a story about you. Positioned at or near the beginning of your resume. To write your Professional Summary- Select the words for your summary heading section that best represents the main points about your career that would immediately attract a potential employer.

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Work Experience Highlight your skills and accomplishments related to relevant positions you have held in the past or you currently hold. For each entry give the job title, name and location of the organization, dates of employment and a brief description of your accomplishments. You can use accomplishment statements to help detail your skills and accomplishments.

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Use Accomplishment Statements Statements that reflect your knowledge, skills, tasks and accomplishments for each position you have held. Use the PAR or A+B=R structure. PAR stands for Problem, Action & Result and A+B=R stands for Action + Benefit = Result. For example: Resolved employee grievances by introducing dispute resolution process, lowering grievance rates by 50% in the first year.   Reduced overall purchasing costs by 10% in 2001 by implementing product locator, and cost comparison software programs.   Recruited, screened and hired 20 technical and sales positions for start-up company.  Successfully organized team in 3 months, exceeding expectations and allowing company to launch new product line 6 months earlier than expected.

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Education Section Include relevant coursework if you feel that your cert may not appear directly related to the position.

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Skills Section A skills section should include specific and accurate words that match the skills sought by the potential employer. You should only list the skills that you can actually perform. Avoid listing every skill you have – especially if the skill is not relevant to the targeted employer or position.

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Resume Writing Tips Use the "so what" rule to validate your achievement, prove why this achievement was valuable and/or what the benefit was. Never ever allow for typos and make sure it is written clearly and concisely. List dates carefully - preferably by month and year. List all experiences in reverse chronological order. Try not to leave any gaps in your experience and professional background, even if you were unemployed in the industry or profession you are seeking. Don’t forget to include “life skills” and abilities learned through volunteer work, hobbies, and involvement in teams or organizations.

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Electronic Resume Store onto channels where you can be searched by recruiters even in your sleep: LinkedIN JobStreet JobsDB StJobs CareerBuilder Indeed Monster Have a professional email address: BAD email addresses: [email protected] [email protected] GOOD email address: [email protected] [email protected]

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Too much work? Have your resume review online Turn your LinkedIN profile into a beautiful resume Visualize your resume Designer CV template

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