Is Polish E-Commerce Booming?

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Is Polish E-Commerce Booming?

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Where is Poland?

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Poland – Facts and Figures 312 679 km? of total Area (Similar to New Mexico) Our GDP is USD 513,9 bln We are the biggest country in Central – Eastern Europe. 2004 – Year we joined the European Union Our 7 neighbours are: Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast. 3

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4 We`ve got nice GDP Growth Constant Growth of GDP (66% EU Median) Source:

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We fell in love with the Internet a while ago 38.54 mln people out of which ~19 mln people has internet access 70% uses internet everyday 70% uses connections weaker than 30mbps 95% of bussiness has internet access 73% of households has internet access 5 Source: World Bank,

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6 And we love e-commerce too! E-commerce in Poland is worth $ 7.16 bln Growth in 2012: 24% Estimated growth until 2017: 10-20% y/y Source: Internetstandard 2013,

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Mobile has just began here Avg. Mobile traffic is between 5 and 20% in e-shops Total amount of m-payments transactions is only ~1000 / day in Poland 7 Source:

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8 Our E-commerce market is still not mature 79,42% of e-shops has less than 50.000 UU/monthly 47,77% of e-shops has less than 1.000 products 75,98% of e-shops has less than 330.000 USD revenue yearly Source:

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9 And teams in e-shops are rather small. 80,1% is less than 5 people 29,35% is team of 1 or 2 3,98% has more than 50 employees

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Only 30% of internet users is buying online Only 15% of traffic is from mobile devices Only 3.1% of total sales goes through internet Only 1/3 residents has smartphones Only 1/3 of internet users has broadband access Only 57.9% of the population mark themselves as regular internet users 10 We`ve got a lot of potential to grow organically

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Polish global eCommerce players 11 InPost - system of locker boxes used for collecting and sending of parcels available near your flat 365/24/7. Inpost became the two-times winner of the World Mail Awards. Currently manages 75 sites in 17 countries on 3 continents. Brands includes:, Fashion Days, Ceneo, Citeam, PayU, MCI is a VC that invests in companies at early stage of growth and expansion in the sectors of new technologies in Central Eastern Europe, as well as Germany and Austria (DACH), Turkey and the countries of the former Soviet Union (CIS). Portfolio includes:,, Invia,,, ABC Data. Growth

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Polish global eCommerce players 12 - one of the foremost digital videogame distribution platforms in the world. Implements an ultramodern business model, focusing chiefly on American and Western European markets. The catalog comprises several hundred classic games from a variety of international publishers. FileTube searches for multimedia files, video files catalogues, online games, mobile applications and free programmes. In just the first couple of months of its operation, the website became the sixth in the USA in terms of new users. Today after 7 years since the launch, is visited by than 109 million unique users from around the world monthly..

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And some of our startups are a must-watch 13 IVONA Software develops award-winning text-to-speech technology for use in the voice user interfaces on mobile devices, computers, communication systems and services. Aquired by Amazon. Smart UX Design Tools for designers. Marketing & sales automation tool. Estimote Beacons broadcast tiny radio signals. These signals can be picked up by consumers' smartphones, at which point the compatible app triggers different actions.

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And some of our startups are a must-watch 14 Social media monitoring tool useful for brands & e-commerce. Quartic is an acknowledged leader on the European e-commerce market offering comprehensive solutions in the scope of intelligent systems of customization.  Fokus is a next-generation real-time analytics platform, integrating all relevant data from relevant systems. High Value Prospecting and Lead Generation tool for B2B

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What e-commerce tools are popular in Poland? Payments: PayU PayPal PayByNet PayLane 15 Comparison Engines: Google Shopping

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16 Affiliates: TradeDoubler Novem Afilo Netsales Zanox AdLeader System3 Salesmedia What e-commerce tools are popular in Poland? eCommerce Platforms: Magento Prestashop Local SaaS Platforms RTB: Sociomantic Labs AdPilot Criteo IgnitiomPme Quartic

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Industry leaders by category Marketplace -, DIY / Garden –,, Fashion –, Food – ,,, Books and music –, RTV/AGD – ,,,, IT/Electronics – Baby and Toys – Hobbies - , Sport –,, Health –, Games –, Photo – Automotive – Lingerie - Travel -, Home –,, 17

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Some of the big guys are already here Amazon Intersport Decathlon Leroy Merlin Tesco Zalando Tchibo Westwing eBay BonPrix Limango Praktiker … 18

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About Divante Our blog: Twitter: 19 Full service E-Commerce Agency We`re from Wroclaw. Come & Visit our office! It`s less than 4h drive from: Prague, Warsaw and Berlin.

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