Generating Revenue Through an Enhanced Brand and Customer Experience

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GENERATING THROUGH REVENUE AN ENHANCED BRAND AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN THE DIGITAL AGE, COMPANIES MUST FIND NEW WAYS TO ENGAGE (AND STAY ENGAGED WITH) THEIR CUSTOMERS U.S. companies lose poor customer experience can lead to $83 billion Poor Word of Mouth A Lost Sale Lost Future Sales And if those losses accumulate, diminished credibility and market share are not far behind each year due to poor customer experiences PRICE PRODUCT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE By 2020, delivery of superior customer service will be the key to effective brand differentiation In the past, companies used all three categories equally to differentiate the brand GET MOBILE Smartphones make customers better informed and less loyal Customers remain receptive to brands that reach them through mobile channels 59% received location-based brand marketing 84% infinite Smartphones provide an of information, shopping, and entertainment options at customers’ fingertips amount are somewhat, very, or extremely likely to respond GET PERSONAL 50% of U.S. cross-channel shoppers now expect brands to provide personalized offers Don’t Do alienate customers by using mobile to “market at them” with the same old mass-market messaging speak to customers as individuals (anything less will harm the brand experience) REACH CUSTOMERS IN CONTEXT Context is crucial to a brand message’s reception Who am I? How am I Feeling? What am I Doing? My family members, my job, where I live What I feel about a brand based on my past experiences, as well as its current imagery and tone Who am I “Friends” with? What I am doing or thinking when a brand message reaches me, and how those conditions make me more or less receptive to that message What my friends think about a brand, and how their opinions affect my decision to embrace or reject that brand GET TACTICAL Omnichannel* integration ensures all channels work together to deliver a cohesive, personalized brand message SMS Social Media One Brand Interaction MMS DATA Push Notifications CONTEXT Mobile Web Voice Email Marketers can monitor—and tailor—the customer experience depending on context and hypothesized needs, moods, and preferences * Omnichannel Delivery: Omnichannel delivery ensures a consistent, high-quality customer experience regardless of how, why, and where a customer chooses to interact with an organization. It ensures that data and context from initial contact carry over to subsequent channels, which reduces customer effort, improves the customer interaction, and enables the business to tailor the customer journey. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT HELPS BRANDS SHINE AT CRUCIAL MOMENTS IN THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Consumer engagement can occur at any time of day and for any reason. POINTS OF BRAND INTERACTION Service Renewal Promotion Product or Service Usage Milestones Birthdays and Anniversaries PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL Births Career Switch Personal Achievements Purchase Completion Moving Business Travel Rewards Programs Vacation Direct Interaction with Product or Service Representative To learn more about generating revenue through an enhanced brand and customer experience, read our white paper. SOURCES • Frost & Sullivan research. • eMarketer research. • Stratecast research. • Genesys research. • Intervoice, Twenty Years of Innovation, Richard. F. Hubbard & Jeffrey L. Rodengen, 2003.

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