10 tips to beat first day nerves

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10 accept help when offered No one ever started a job and was expected to know everything straight away. If offered help accept it.

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pay attention Listen to what is being said. Information given at induction and on the first day at work are generally the basis for you future role. 9

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be genuine Be yourself and ensure that you mean what you say. Nobody was ever impressed by a know-it-all especially not on their first day at work. 8

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6 accept making mistakes even simple mistakes, well ... they happen! Accept them and carry on.

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3 relax You were hired because the employer believe you will add something to the organisation. They put their trust in you and so should you.

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2 keep out of the drama Don’t choose sides, stay clear of the drama.

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1 have fun Nerves set aside … don’t forget to enjoy this day! Become a part of the team

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YOU are here because YOU deserve to be here!

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