HOW TO Get a Job at a Startup

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HOW TO Get a Job at a Startup [email protected] 1 (888) 425-5557 @StartupInst

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HOW TO: Have what startups are looking for Growth mindset Ability to ask for help Emotional Intelligence (EQ) “Pay it forward” attitude Sharing your network Be a student and a teacher Risk taking Humility Always be learning Courage Mutual Respect Ability to work with uncertainty

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HOW TO: Know if they’re hiring? Remember, startups are always looking for great people Raising money means they’re hiring! Follow community members on Twitter - often they will congratulate each other Use these sites to find this information:

Slide 3 Use this template to map out the operations of a company, not just consider their product or service, but actually map out the companies operations. Figure out what they’re doing and where you could fit in.

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HOW TO: Self Assess Take inventory of the skills you have Find your sweet spot (the intersection of expertise and enthusiasm) Create an ideal job description: Your area of expertise and interested industry The functional role Your preferred work environment and culture What have you been doing? What are you interested in doing? Is there a gap? If so, find ways to fill that gap. Start something (a Meetup group, a book club, etc)!

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HOW TO: Start Looking Clean up your resume Update your LinkedIn Have a project you can talk about when you start networking – show that you are working towards your goals Practice your personal “pitch” What did you do? What are you doing? What do you want to be doing?

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HOW TO: Network! Attend local networking events and do your research before Who is attending? What companies are sponsoring? Never leave a meeting without intros Be open to internships and be willing to volunteer Get to know them. They didn’t know they were hiring until they met you!

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HOW TO: Network! Never underestimate who a person is, or how you can help each other Find common ground Always have something in your hand (it will make you feel less awkward, and more confident) How do you start a convo? “Hey I’m… what brings you here?” Forgot someone’s name? Just ask! Asking will show you care. If you have ONE genuine convo, you’re better off than the person who had 10 small ones Follow up, follow up, follow up!

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HOW TO: Send Email If you can get a warm email intro from a friend, it’s always better than a cold email Keep emails short and sweet Do your stalking! Here’s some awesome tools to help: What to include: Who you are, what you’re doing, and why it’s relevant to them A specific ask with the date and the time

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HOW TO: Develop a long-term strategy Build community relationships and immerse yourself in your local startup scene Get to know the ecosystem. Which companies partner? What industries are emerging? Where can you fit in? Seek mentors

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Where did Startup Institute come from? They need jobs they love. They need talent.

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What is Startup Institute? A career accelerator Deep dive into the soft and hard skills proven to drive results within startups Develop a lifelong, enduring network Gain valuable experience working with startups Learn adaptability, self direction and become familiar with change Act with purpose and fulfillment Find a job you love! 4 out of 5 students get a job within 3 months of the program

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Our Programs Full-Time Program 8 weeks, full-time, Mon-Fri Choose 1 of 4 tracks to specialize in Part-Time Program Flexible front-end and back-end web development classes Meets in person one day a week, in the evening

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Apply now! We admit on a rolling basis. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are of being admitted. [email protected] 1 (888) 425-5557 @StartupInst