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Br Ux eaking into 14 38 by Brian Sullivan

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Brian Sullivan. @BrianKSullivan @bigdesign Hi, my name is #breakingux

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Resume Portfolio Networking

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Resume (or Rap Sheet)

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Resumes contain certain elements.

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Do not lie. Link to portfolio. Your uniqueness. Design & UX skills. Your impact to bottom line.

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Tips for Resume Writing

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1. Use keywords.

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2. Include all contact info.

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3. Add an objective.

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4. Prioritize content.

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5. Choose Your Style Chronological Function-based

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Portfolio (Your Product)

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Watch Your Online Presence

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Make It Visual

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Kevin Schumacher

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Same Visual Style

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Linked-in Testimonials

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Network (Your People)

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Your Network = Business

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Networking is a Contact Sport

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It’s a great book, too!

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Best networkers focus on giving, not getting.

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Value people over technology.

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Your 5/10/15 Plan

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5 Meetings/Encounters Daily

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10 Correspondences Daily

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15 Phone Calls Daily

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Networking Template

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Hello, my name is ________________. I am a ___________ at ____________. The last cool project I worked on was __________________ where I learned ______,______, and ______. How cool is that! Use This Template. Give Them Your Card.

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I have a couple of questions for you. It will take just two minutes: Tell me what you do. Tell me what you love to do. The answers are totally different. Another Approach.

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Shake Hands & Exchange Cards.

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Business Card Strategy Your business cards go here Their business cards go here

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Card Holders Get in the Way.

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Introduce Them to Someone You Know.

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Everyone Loves a Connector. Be one.

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Remember Their Names!

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Join UX Dallas Meetup

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Come to the Big Design Conference. September 4-6, 2014

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What’s My Name?