Seven Career Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

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Seven Career Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

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SPAM FODDER! Avoid words like ‘opportunity’ or ‘offer’ in your email subject line for that next job application as they can set off sensitive spam filters. If in doubt use a spam checker tool to revise your email.

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RESUME RUIN! Never put your contact details in a resume header or footer as some recruiter/ employer technologies can’t read them and the information could come up blank

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DIGI-DIRT! The majority of recruiters and employers are now checking out your social media. In fact over a third have rejected applicants because of digi-dirt! Better hone that LinkedIn profile and clean up your Facebook

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KILLER KEYWORDS: Recruitment Technologies can screen out up to 50% of resumes before it lands on a human’s lap to be read. Make sure your resume is technology-friendly and includes key words from the job advertisement.

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HANDY HELPER! If you have a difficult name to pronounce try adding to your resume or profile an audible name tag (ANT) or add the phonetic spelling to help employers communicate more confidently with you.

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Best of breed Go-getter Think outside of the box Synergy, and Go-to person PET PEEVES According to the top five words hated by recruiters on resumes are:

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INTERVIEW KILLER: Pick your interview slot carefully. Research has shown interviewers may unintentionally look more favorably on candidates in the morning than the afternoon if they are interviewing back-to-back. Also watch out for the just-before-lunch slot too when hunger pains may strike and interest may wane!

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