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Want to Impress? Do This. Resume tips directly from our Recruiters

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List any courses you are enrolled in or are currently pursuing. Resume Tips for Accounting & Finance Jobs Heba Y. Senior Recruitment Consultant Clearly list your professional designations on your resume List specific accounting software you are proficient with Highlight your expertise with accounting/finance (i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reporting)

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Remember to tailor your resume for each job posting – with integrity! Resume Tips for Administrative Professionals Ida S. Staff Support Consultant List your proficiencies with computer & software skills – including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and typing speed Show relevant certificates or any educational courses that are specific to the administrative position Highlight your duties showing how you supported the team, manager or department

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Don’t be afraid to add your own personality to your resume! Resume Tips for Business Professionals Sylvia T. Senior Recruitment Consultant Don’t leave us guessing – demonstrate how your skills align to the position requirements Tell us what accomplishments you had in the positions/occupations you listed – essentially we want to know what role you played in each position you listed Provide clear, concise, accurate, relevant information

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Use your cover letter as a way to highlight your energy for the position you are applying for. Resume Tips for Engineers Imtiaz A. Senior Recruitment Consultant Entry Level Engineers – list your memberships and education at the top of your resume. Include all co-op terms you have completed Clearly list your engineering status (EIT, P.ENG) Clearly state what type of relevant projects you have worked on

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Within the Information Technology Branch you are expected to learn new technologies quickly - never a dull moment! Resume Tips for Information Technology Jobs Gina B. Recruitment Consultant Clearly list all technical skills that are related to the requirements of the position (i.e. Java, SQL, HTML, etc.) Demonstrate your ability to work in a team as well as independently Expect testing as part of your recruitment process

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Be sure to list any additional coursework or training you have received or are enrolled in. Resume Tips for Labourers & Trades Describe the labouring tasks performed in previous jobs. Don’t just list where you’ve worked or a job title List any tools and equipment you are competent using List any valid safety or work related tickets you have. Don’t put expired tickets on your resume Ashley P. Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Share your accomplishments and how you progressed to the senior level. Resume Tips for Leadership Jobs Showcase how you’ve been successful in the leadership role Your resume can be more than 2 pages at the senior and executive levels Your cover letter is an intro that brings to life your motivation in applying for the role Nigel B. Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant Elena C. Executive Recruitment Lead

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Use clearly spelled out credentials – don’t use acronyms. Resume Tips for Planners Clearly list education & Association memberships Give examples of specific projects you have worked on as a Planner Opportunity Concept Level – When short of the required years of experience, make sure to give details in your cover letter and resume of how your education, courses or class projects make you a qualified candidate Erica S. Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Create a branding statement to introduce yourself as an applicant! Resume Tips for Recreation & Sports Patrick R. Recruitment Consultant List all your certifications and be specific with what you accomplished Specify tools, machines and technologies that you have experience in operating Create a summary of your relevant skills at the top of your resume Tara L. Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Join our City of Edmonton Campus Recruitment group on LinkedIn! Resume Tips for Students Have a skills summary on the top of your resume References “upon request” is not required to be on your resume Include a professional e-mail address on your application Erin S. Diversity Recruitment Consultant

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Check your e-mail inbox as there are several testing phases involved in the selection process. Resume Tips for Transit Identify your driving class & record in a skills summary Highlight all your driving experience on the first page of your resume Clearly identify your customer service experience Saif A. Recruitment Consultant

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