November 6th 2014

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November 6th 2014

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Through research, LinkedIn found 1 in 3 parents does not understand what their child does for a living – LinkedIn wanted to change this. LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day was created to help bridge the gap between professionals and their parents, by inviting them into their place of work. 2013 was the inaugural event which saw over 15,000 people get involved, with 1000s of events taking place around the world. 2014 promises to be even bigger, and we want YOU to be a part of it… What is LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day (BIYP)?

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On November 6th, we want to give professionals the chance to show their parents exactly what they do and say Thank You for their support November 6th 2014

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What happens on the day? 1 BIYP gives parents an insight into the working life of their children and to give them a chance to say Thank You to their parents. It’s designed to be informative, interactive and of course fun, and it only needs to be a couple of hours, rather than the whole day. Here are some suggestions: Start the event with drinks and canapes Ask a senior leader to give a welcome and overview of the business Hold a Q&A session with parents Give a tour of the office and let the parents see where (and who with) their children work Allow time for some networking and mingling The exact agenda and times are up to you, last year some companies had their event in the morning, some in the evening – its whatever works best!

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Why should companies get involved? 1 Employees who feel supported by their family tend to be happier and, as we all know, happy employees are productive and loyal It's an opportunity for you to position yourself as a committed employer, focussed on helping your employees maximise their potential and grow their careers It’s a great chance to get some fantastic media coverage, using the LinkedIn brand  

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Some of the companies who took part last year

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“Parents were proud their kids wanted them here” John Clinton, CEO “The reaction from our customers that took part has been incredible” Nathalie Renson, Head of Comms “We are looking forward to 2014's BIYP day already.” Gill Huber, Marketing & Comms Director   “We absolutely loved participating in Bring In Your Parents Day and those who attended were thrilled to be a part of it.” Nola Weinstein, Editor in Chief What did the companies get out of it?

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1 1 Some snippets of the BIYP in the news

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If you want to see what Bring In Your Parents Day looked like last year, here's a short video

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What next? Find out more information or sign up to take part at Questions or concerns? Get in touch [email protected] Not sure if its for you? Why not try out a small scale event (which could be a trial before the day) involving one team or department, or get together with other businesses to host a combined event.

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November 6th 2014