The Google Story

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Presented By : Eshant Sharma PGCM-4

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Google Computer Science Department at Stanford University

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Created the search engine from off the shelf computers Some computer components they borrowed from the university Maxed out their credit card limits

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Larry came up with the idea of buying the individual disk without the cases Because of this they got more storage from the same amount of money

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Google opened its headquarters “In a Garage” Rented a house and were running the company by working in bedrooms & garage

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Moved to a regular office location in Palo Alto To increase efficiency they had their own kitchen which was much cost effective

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Clean Simple No pop ups

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Something happened in October 2000 ?

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Online Advertising Google was flooded with Ad money

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Eric Schmidt

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Google had large amount of revenues in profits Google IPO received more publicity than any other IPO in history

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In 2004 internet users in China surpassed the entire population of US Block some sites from its search results

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Google handles 20 Peta Bytes of data everyday 130 Billion photographs 5 Billion songs

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Google believes that the data is going to create incredible benefits for the society Google believes that it will find new ways to use data to make our life easier

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