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Text Text The 5 Biggest Disappointments of the Summer Box Office and the Company That Lost Big

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Terminator Genisys Made on a reported $155 million production budget, Genisys had grossed roughly $325 million prior to its August debut in China. Upon opening in the country, Terminator Genisys recorded a record $27 million opening day, elevating a would-be flop to the status of mild disappointment.

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Terminator Genisys Chinese performance rescued the franchise reboot from flop territory, but whether or not the new series will be continued is uncertain. International sales were impressive, but the movie did poorly in America. Terminator Genisys has grossed roughly $90 million domestically, opening to paltry $27 million and winning the approval of just 26% of Rotten Tomatoes critics

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Mad Max: Fury Road Time Warner’s Mad Max: Fury Road was made on a $150 million production budget and was promoted with a sizable ad campaign. Its global sales haul of roughly $374 million likely puts the picture in the break-even range—disappointing given the film’s expenses and favorable reception

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Mad Max: Fury Road 98% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave Fury Road a positive score Sequel talk dried up after the film’s just-okay $45 million domestic opening, and the picture was a wash at the box office relative to budget, but favorable audience reception and the potential for strong home format performance make continuing the series viable

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Ted 2 Ted 2’s worldwide gross of roughly $180 million on a production budget of $68 million doesn’t qualify it as a flop for Comcast and Universal, but the R-rated comedy sequel performed quite poorly in comparison to the first film in the series.

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Ted 2 In 2012, Ted did roughly $550 million in global ticket sales--$230 million in America and $320 million in foreign markets Rotten Tomatoes score for Ted 2 was 45%, while Ted scored 67% approval

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Tomorrowland Made on an estimated $190 million production budget, Tomorrowland has grossed just $205 million worldwide Disney’s adventure movie joins flops The Lone Ranger and John Carter on the Mouse House’s list of recent adventure movie missteps

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Tomorrowland Picture is estimated to cause Disney to write down a loss between $120 million and $140 million

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Fantastic Four Production reported to be $120 million, with the film’s international gross at roughly $135 million Just 8% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave Fantastic Four a positive score The movie had a troubled production, and director Josh Trank publicly blamed Fox for the film’s quality prior to release

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Fantastic Four Fantastic Four’s domestic opening weekend came in at just $25.7 million Three weeks after Four’s August 7 release date, the picture had done just over $50 million in American ticket sales

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Summer retrospective and company that lost big Other disappointments of the summer included Warner’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Sony’s Pixels, thought the latter is likely to at least break even after it launches in China in mid-September. Overall, the summer box office season did not see many films suffer tremendous underperformance. Disney suffered a pretty sizable bomb with Tomorrowland. The film’s oversize budget and weak audience pull made it the season’s biggest loser in terms of pure dollar amount. Oddly enough, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron could also be characterized as a disappointment, even though it grossed roughly $1.4 billion worldwide and was one of summer’s biggest hits. Ultron failing to match the box office of 2012’s Avengers is a small but notable stumble. Even so, its performance, along with strong ticket sales from Pixar’s Inside Out, soften the Tomorroland blow and keep Disney out of the “loser” category. So…which company had the worst summer?

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Fox loses big with Fantastic Four While Disney’s Tomorrowland generated big losses, Fantastic Four stands as the biggest disappointment of the summer. The Fantastic Four license could be significant asset for Fox, but the company has been unable to make it work, and the latest blunder represents a significant setback. The company planned to release a sequel in 2017, but the odds of that happening after the film’s poor performance are slim. Expectations for poor performance from Fantastic Four likely factored into Fox’s decision to lower its earnings target for the current fiscal year from the mid-$7 billion range to mid-single-digit growth over $6.49 billion The Fantastic floundering puts extra pressure on Fox to succeed at growing its X-Men film franchise. The company needs a strong performance from its film business as it weathers turbulence in cable and invests in foreign growth.

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