Turning Ideas Into Reality

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Turning Ideas Into Reality Seth Miller Co-Founder / CEO @ Rapchat

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While in college I started a company called Rapchat

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How it all began….

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Winter break 2013 - Road trip to Florida How can we get rich quick?

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Snapchat seems to be doing well…

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So simple yet worth a billion!

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Screw it, let’s just freestyle

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2 hours of terrible rapping later…. DUDE!

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Let’s do snapchat for rap

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Now what….

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First, find someone who knows how to code

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Then, form a company

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Time to get ready for LAUNCH marketing plans launch party rappers t-shirts press making millions “we should be testing in 4 weeks”

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1 year later….. “we should be testing in 4 weeks”

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Now what….

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Time to learn how to code to build new features

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AND LEARN….. How to find users How to build a team How to get people to work for equity How to raise money etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

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May 2014

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Then, out of nowhere…

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Adding 100k users a mo. People are sharing raps like crazy Team is fired up

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How can you turn an idea into reality?

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Start with an idea

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Research that idea

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Find a business partner

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Start building

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If it’s an app or website… learn how to code

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Talk to users

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Continue to update product to meet their needs

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Tips for ballin

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Read a LOT

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Follow smart people Ben Horowitz Andrew Chen Evan Williams Chris Sacca Kevin Rose Alexis Ohanian Kevin Systrom Tim Ferriss Brad Feld Ryan Holiday Josh Elman

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Build relationships Hey (someone way smarter than me), My name is Seth and I’m a 16 year old entrepreneur. I started x which does y. I just got done reading your book and was curious what you meant by “viral growth”. Do you think searching twitter for mentions and reaching out is a good strategy to try and kickstart viral growth? -Seth

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In conclusion

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Understand starting a company is like a

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It’s time consuming school + work + friends + homework + soccer + basketball + my own company??

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But is AWESOME and totally worth all the BS you deal with

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[email protected] 614-634-2357

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