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Text Text The 5 Biggest Hits of the Summer Box Office and the Company that Won Big

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Released May 1, the official start of the summer box office Has earned roughly $1.4 billion worldwide on an estimated $250 million production budget U.S. gross of roughly $437 million, the second-highest in 2015

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Delivered record opening day box office in China, at $33.9 million Worldwide gross of $1.4 billion makes it the second-highest grossing film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, behind 2012’s The Avengers at roughly $1.52 billion, and ahead of Iron Man 3 at roughly $1.22 billion 6th highest grossing movie in history In terms of the broader MCU storyline, Avengers: Age of Ultron sets the stage for a showdown between Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, which is due to open May 6, 2016

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Jurassic World Comcast and Universal’s tentpole action pic opened in U.S. theaters on June 12. It has gone on to earn a staggering $638 million domestically Worldwide gross stands at over $1.6 billion, making it the highest grossing movie of 2015 and the third-highest all time Estimated production budget of $150 million, which would be a bit cheaper than many competing blockbusters and impressive given the visual effects

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Jurassic World Jurassic World is a huge franchise-building win for Comcast and Universal and the single most successful film series reboot in history The last movie in the Jurassic universe released in 2001, grossing roughly $370 million worldwide Sequel set for release June 22, 2018, with stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard returning

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Inside Out Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out released June 19, and has grossed roughly $640 million worldwide The film’s domestic opening of roughly $90 million was a record performance for new Pixar IP

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Inside Out U.S. gross of $330 million is third-highest of the summer, and fourth-highest of 2015 Estimated $175 million production budget Scored a positive rating from 98% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes

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Minions Comcast and Universal’s blockbuster animated feature released July 10 and has grossed more than $962 million With a September Chinese release, Minions should move significantly above $1 billion

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Minions Estimated production budget of just $74 million, but Comcast and Universal reportedly spent $593 million in marketing connected with the film Huge ad spend also promoted merchandise sales

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Straight Outta Compton Comcast and Universal’s Compton released August 14th, and opened to an impressive $60 million The budget of the N.W.A biopic was reportedly just $29 million International performance probably won’t match domestic strength, but the picture looks to enjoy a solid run in America

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Straight Outta Compton Straight Outta Compton delivered a higher domestic opening than would-be blockbusters Terminator Genisys, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and Fantastic Four—despite being made on a fraction of the budget

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Comcast and Universal Studios Win Big This year, there’s no question that Comcast and Universal Studios won the summer box office, with two pictures crossing the $1 billion mark and Straight Outta Compton outperforming to wind down the season on a great note Comcast’s summer performance becomes even more incredible if you choose to count Furious 7 as the movie that kicked off the blockbuster season. The movie released in America in early April, but didn’t hit other key territories such as China until mid-May, and kept adding meaningful box office bumps into late-June, ultimately grossing some $1.51 billion Comcast and Universal set a new annual box office record at $5.53 billion, just seven months into the year Jurassic World, Minions, and Furious 7 are huge, franchise building hits for the company, and position it to deliver blockbuster $1 billion-plus sequels, while also creating merchandizing opportunities and tie-in potential at Universal Theme Parks All told, Comcast and Universal had a great summer

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