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eight amazing facts about business incubation

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amazing fact no. 1 business incubators have been around for more than 50 years, and there are more than 7,500 worldwide

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amazing fact no. 2 dropbox and airbnb are among the famous corporate brands launched in a business incubator

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amazing fact no. 3 the five-year survival rate for incubator clients has been reported from 75% to as high as 87%

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amazing fact no. 4 coca-cola, microsoft and general electric are among big name corporations who have business incubation/acceleration programs

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amazing fact no. 5 business incubators can help reduce the costs of launching and operating a startup by 40-50%

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amazing fact no. 6 an estimated 40% of investment-seeking member companies source investment through a direct incubator program connection

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amazing fact no. 7 54% of incubators are “mixed-use,” assisting a wide range of early-stage companies, while 37% focus on technology businesses

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amazing fact no. 8 more than 150 companies were accepted into arizona incubators in 2013, and incubated startups raised more than $110 million in private capital.

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more about incubators download our phoenix incubator resource guide to learn more about arizona programs: