33 Unusual Tips To Being A Better Writer

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33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer helpful advice from bestselling author James Altucher

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Write whatever you want. Then take out the first paragraph and last paragraph.

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Read a lot. You can’t write without first reading.

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Take a huge bowel movement every day. If your body doesn’t flow then your brain won’t flow.

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Write A LOT. Practice makes…. a little better than you were before.

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Write with the same voice you talk in.

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Deliver value with every sentence. Even in a tweet. Else, be quiet.

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Steal. (Piggyback off popular topics.)

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Use “said” instead of any other word. Don’t use “he suggested” or “he bellowed”.

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Be funny. First rule of funny: ugly people are funny. Make yourself as ugly as possible.

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Use a lot of periods. Forget commas and semicolons.

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Be Honest. Tell people the stuff they all think but nobody ever says.

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Make people cry. Make them feel the potent moments.

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Sleep eight hours a day.

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Take what everyone thinks and explore the opposite.

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Paint. Or draw. Keep exercising other creative muscles.

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Don’t Hurt Anyone. Don’t be a bad guy.

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Write every day. Writing is spiritual practice. You are diving inside of yourself and cleaning out the toxins.

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Read before you write. Very high-level work to get in the zone and lift your game up.

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Let it sleep. Whatever you are working on, sleep on it.

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Be opinionated. Nobody cares about all the things you don’t have strong opinions on.

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Relate to people.

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Coffee. No coffee, no creativity.

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Bleed in the first line. Make it human.

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Don’t write if you’re upset at someone. Then the person you are upset at becomes your audience.

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Have lots of ideas.

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Risk. Don’t stop writing until you’re afraid to hit publish.

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Time heals all wounds. Write about the hard stuff from the past.

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Have a shocking title.

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Don’t ask for permission. Never say “in my opinion.” We know it’s your opinion. You’re writing it.

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Break the laws of physics. There’s no time in text. Nothing has to go in order.

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The last line needs to go BOOM!

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Take out every other sentence. Or something like that.

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Don’t be afraid of what people think. For each person you worry about, deduct 1% in quality.

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