2015 State of Social Business

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The 2015 State of Social Business 30 INTEGRATION IS THE GOAL, BUT DISCONNECTS CREATE BARRIERS % A new study by Altimeter Group finds that today’s social business strategist is focused less on scaling social engagement and more on integrating social with the entire business. Scaling social is 30% less likely to be a priority than it was in 2013, however, disconnects create barriers to deeper business integration. DIGITAL INTEGRATION & CONTENT STRATEGY TOP PRIORITIES Integration of social with digital suffers from the lack of a cohesive strategy KEY FINDING 110 % DISCONNECT IN 2015, 55% OF STRATEGISTS SAID INTEGRATING SOCIAL AND DIGITAL WAS A TOP PRIORITY, A 110% INCREASE FROM 2013 82% WANT TO INTEGRATE SOCIAL & DIGITAL BY 2015, YET, ONLY 36% HAVE A PLAN STRATEGISTS NEED LEADERSHIP TO CROSS SILOS & INTEGRATE Breaking down silos requires engaged leadership KEY FINDING 164 % DISCONNECT WORKING WITH EXECUTIVES TO INTEGRATE SOCIAL HAS GROWN AS A PRIORITY BY 164% SINCE 2013 ONLY 27% OF COMPANIES REPORTED EXECUTIVE ENGAGEMENT, AND WORSE, C-SUITE LEADERSHIP INVOLVEMENT DROPPED 18% SINCE 2012 EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY IS ON THE RISE Employee-focused initiatives need HR partners KEY FINDING 191 % DISCONNECT LEVERAGING EMPLOYEES TO ADVOCATE IN SOCIAL HAS GROWN IN PRIORITY BY 191% OVER THE PAST 2 YEARS ONLY 19% OF ORGANIZATIONS REPORT THAT HR IS REGULARLY ENGAGED WITH SOCIAL TEAM ON STRATEGY SOCIAL AD BUDGETS INCREASING Digital content and social advertising strategy are growth areas to align KEY FINDING 205 % DISCONNECT ALLOCATION OF SOCIAL AD SPEND AS A % OF DIGITAL AD BUDGETS HAS INCREASED 205% SINCE 2013 ONLY 35% OF ORGANIZATIONS REPORT THAT THEIR ADVERTISING TEAM IS ENGAGED WITH THE SOCIAL TEAM REGULARLY Download the full report at altimetergroup.com and share your POV: tweet using #2015AltimeterSocial or email [email protected]

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