5 Ways to Drive Small Business Sales with Smart Signage

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5 WAYS TO DRIVE SMALL BUSINESS $ALES WITH SMART SIGNAGE Smart Signage provides a powerful new tool for small business owners to engage customers, promote special offers and modernize their interior design. Here are five key ways Samsung Smart Signage TV (SSTV) can help you keep customers coming back. 1. KEEP IT CURRENT 2. MAKE IT SOCIAL Go digital and say goodbye to printing a new sign each time you need to add products or adjust pricing. Leverage your business’ existing online and social media content to generate in-store buzz, and even to drive new social media likes and followers. 80% OFF 82 % $ HOLIDAY SALE! 2.5 MILLION OVER $150 Daily price changes on Amazon 1 Cost of two printed menu boards JUST A FEW MINUTES 82 percent of small businesses have a WEBSITE 2 LIKE Cost of updating smart signage via your mobile 73% 73 percent use SOCIAL MEDIA 3 80 OFF % HOLIDAY SALE! SMALL BUSINESS USA HAPPY HOUR NOW! 3. SCHEDULE FOR SUCCESS Strategically schedule your signage content based on time and day to adjust for traffic levels and specials, such as happy hour. $3 PINTS 4. MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE VS Small storefronts can be just that, small. Make the most of your limited physical space, and more room for merchandise, by leveraging digital signage to highlight information and entertainment for customers in one sleek screen. FOOT TRAFFIC AT COFFEE AND DOUGHNUT SHOPS: NING MOR LUNC H LIKE US ON FACEBOOK HAPPY HOUR LIKE US ON FACEBOOK MON-WED RED TAG SALE 2 33 LUNCH and afternoon snack time is about a third of traffic DINNER is just 2 percent 80% OFF HOLIDAY SALE! % % $3 PINTS 65% About 65 percent of customer traffic happens in the MORNING 4 The average retail rent in NEW YORK IS $3,300 PER SQUARE FOOT PER YEAR 5 $2 BURGERS EVERY WED NIGHT 12in 12in 5. SET YOURSELF APART Competition is fierce. Customers look for small, thoughtful details that set a business apart from the crowd. Go digital and expand your creativity beyond 8.5 x 11 inches to create memorable experiences for your customers. 8 OUT OF 10 ENTREPRENEURS who start a business fail within the first year and a half. 6 54% OF GROCERY SHOPPERS say the in-store experience is what brings them back. CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES WITH SAMSUNG’S SMART SIGNAGE TV Professional grade LED backlit display, designed for 16/7 usage Built-in content management software 1 Retailing Today, “Amazon’s quest to be most price-competitive retailer on Web,” December 11, 2013 2 National Small Business Association, 2013 Small Business Technology Survey 3 National Small Business Association, 2013 Small Business Technology Survey 4 NPD Group, “Total U.S. Restaurant Visits Dip in First Quarter, But Delivery Gets a Boost From Mother Nature, Says NPD,” June 4, 2014 5 CBRE Group, “Global Retail Rents Fueled By High-End Brands,” February 20, 2014 6 Bloomberg, September 2013 WWW.SAMSUNG.COM/SSTV 200+ preloaded signage templates Easy update by mobile app 3-year warranty, with dedicated service and support

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