How To Job-Hunt While You're Working

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By Liz Ryan CEO and Founder Human Workplace

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Things have changed Most of us are used to working at one job for a long time. We didn’t have to job-hunt unless we got laid off or moved to a new place. The new-millennium workplace is different. We always have to keep one eye on the job market. Things can change at any moment. You can be employed for a long time and then lose your job unexpectedly. Or, you might dislike your job a lot and need to get a new job before you quit the old one.

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We all need to know how to conduct a Stealth Job Search now!

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A Stealth Job Search is a job search that you conduct while you’re working at the old job.

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If you’re going to take the time and trouble to launch a Stealth Job Search, shoot for a job that’s a step up from the job you have now!

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What does “a step up” mean to you? A step up could be a new job that will let you learn a lot more than you’re learning at your current job. A step up could mean a job with more growth potential than the job you have now. A step up could mean a job where the people ‘get’ you – and therefore deserve you!

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Shoot for a Great Job, not just Any Job!

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Step One: Set Your Direction! Don’t start flinging resumes and job applications out into the job market until you take a critical step: Set your job-search direction! Decide how you’re going to brand yourself. You don’t have to brand yourself for the same kind of job you have now. Can you re-frame your current job (and your past jobs) to emphasize a side of you that your current job doesn’t utilize? No better time than now! A job search is a new start.

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Think about what you love to do, what you’re good at and what employers will pay for. That’s your career sweet spot!

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What should your job-search direction be? Read LinkedIn profiles and scan the job ads On and Look at your career options. You have lots of talents. Why not use a few more of them on your next job?

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Now, brand yourself! Let’s say you’ve been an HR person. You always liked the technical side of HR. Now, you want to be an IT person. No problem! When you write your new Human-Voiced Resume™ for your stealth job search, you’ll emphasize the IT aspects of each of your past HR jobs. You look like an IT person already! (Because you’ve always been one, under the surface!)

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Reframe your background for the job you want now!

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Job Search Channels As a stealth job seeker you can’t go to job fairs or tell the whole world you’re job-hunting. You can’t apply to ‘blind’ job ads that don’t identify which company is hiring. That’s okay! You can still work with recruiters, use your network, and apply for jobs by contacting your hiring managers directly. You can send them your Human-Voiced Resume™ together with a letter called a Pain Letter™, through the postal service!

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How do I find my hiring manager at another company?

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This story explains how to find your hiring manager using LinkedIn!

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You don’t have to keep a job that doesn’t grow your flame. You can bring your whole self to work!

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Help! I could use some guidance on this stealth job search stuff. The 12-week virtual course “Job-Hunt While You’re Working” launches on the first Saturday of every month. It’s a self- paced course. You can work on the lessons whenever it suits you. If you’d like to move through the lessons quickly, you can have them all delivered to you at once! Check out the course “Job-Hunt While You’re Working”at this link!

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Step out there! The new-millennium talent market requires us all to grow new muscles. It’s fun! Human Workplace Reinventing Work for People

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