What Is an Energetic Mismatch?

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What Is an Energetic Mismatch? When a person and a job are not a good fit By Liz Ryan, CEO & Founder Human Workplace

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What is energy? We know how it feels when we’re excited and happy. We know how it feels to be frustrated or angry. At work, we don’t talk about how things feel. We’ve been trained not to talk about that stuff.

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We all have energy fields around us! We can tell when the energy on a team is good. We can tell when it’s bad. Sometimes our energy doesn’t mesh with our co-worker’s energy, or your boss’s energy.

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When a job and a person don’t mesh, that doesn’t make anyone the Bad Guy. There are no Bad Guys! Human Workplace is a movement to reinvent work for people. We teach people how to tell the truth about Sticky Human Topics like energy fields at work. When the energy is wrong between a person and a job or a leader, no one has to get written up or put on probation. We can acknowledge that there’s an Energetic Mismatch, and treat everyone involved with dignity and compassion.

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Work is broken We don’t know how to talk about energy at work. When a person and his or her job look like a poor match, we go straight to “This person isn’t doing the job. Let’s begin Corrective Action.” This is exactly the wrong thing to do, of course. We should be looking at the energy fields around, not looking for ways to put people on probation and terminate them!

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We hire adults We can say to our manager “I don’t feel good about the fit between me and this job. What do you think?” Your gut doesn’t lie. If you are getting signals, then other people are thinking the same things you are. Jump to the Human Workplace blog to see a blog post about what to say to your manager if you feel they’re planning to let you go.

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