11 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn for Business

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11 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn for Business Dave Kerpen CEO, Likeable Local

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The Basics… LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network that launched on May 5th, 2003. LinkedIn now has more than 364 million users and 3 million company pages. 30% of SMBs use LinkedIn regularly—making it the most frequented platform. Sources: Inc, LinkedIn, Marketing Land

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11 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn For Your Business Customize Your Profile to Boost Your Business Publish On LinkedIn Share Updates Personally & As A Business Leverage LinkedIn Listening Create LinkedIn Groups Discover & Connect with Influencers Recruit Amazing Talent Advertise Strategically Use Showcase Pages Integrate with Twitter & Slideshare Introduce People In Your Network To Each Other

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1. Customize Your Profile to Boost Your Business Make a custom URL Add a professional profile picture to your profile Add a background photo Hyperlink to your company Search engine optimize your profile Show work examples

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Customizing Your Profile Custom URL Profile Picture

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Background Photos

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Hyperlink to Your Company’s Site Hyperlink your company website to your profile under Contacts

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Search Engine Optimization When creating your profile, include keywords that prospects or clients would enter into LinkedIn or any other search engine

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Show Work Examples

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2. Publish On LinkedIn Becoming an author on LinkedIn helps establish you as an expert Post links to blogs, news articles, & more! Helps with lead gen, customer retention, and awareness! > pay attention to folks who are engaging with your posts!

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Publishing Blog Posts Think of a great headline Find/take a compelling photo Write a concise post Include strong calls to action at the bottom of your post Share across different social media channels! Become a thought leader in your industry Follow these steps to most effectively blog:

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3. Share Updates Personally & As A Business Update your status at least once a day! The best times to post are 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm. The best days to post are weekdays. 93% of B2B marketers rate LinkedIn as the top B2B social media lead generation source. Source: Marketing Ninjas Search your company name or interesting keywords

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Tools To Help With Posting

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4. Leverage LinkedIn Listening Listening is the most important tool on social media Listen to what your customers/prospects are saying about your brand or product Search keywords about your company and look at posts that mentioned the phrases

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Check Out How Your Audience Is Engaging With your Posts Head to Profile at the top of your screen and click Updates

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Search Your Company Name

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Click Posts and Listen!

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Sort Your Updates

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5. Create LinkedIn Groups Showcase your thought leadership! Post relevant content like blogs, articles, quotes, and curated content. Promote the group and grow your LinkedIn community!

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6. Discover & Connect with Influencers LinkedIn Influencers= thought leaders Listen, interact, and connect with them! Follow influencers of your choice Comment on their posts Share their published content Message them & ask for a connection!

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Follow the influencer to receive updates from them When you feel close enough to your influencer, connect with them!

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7. Recruit Amazing Talent Are you in need of a new team member? Use the advanced search features to find great potential employees! 93% of businesses use LinkedIn to recruit -Job Cast

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Search by Connections, location, industry, past companies, and more! Recruit effectively with LinkedIn Premium

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8. Advertise To Strategically LinkedIn’s targeting properties include: industry, job title, seniority, age, gender, location, skills, and group affiliation LinkedIn’s targeting properties include: industry, job title, seniority, age, gender, location, skills, and group affiliation LinkedIn’s Ads are a great resource to gain exposure, especially for B2B companies

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LinkedIn’s targeting properties include: industry, job title, seniority, age, gender, location, skills, and group affiliation LinkedIn’s targeting properties include: industry, job title, seniority, age, gender, location, skills, and group affiliation

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Targeting LinkedIn’s targeting properties include: Industry, Job title, Seniority, Age, Gender, Location, Skills, and Group affiliation.

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9. Use Showcase Pages What is a Showcase Page? The pages are niche pages off of a company page They allow a company to promote specific products or market to a specific buyer persona Use the pages for different products, new launches, and more!

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Share Work Examples They can become a virtual portfolio of success stories for your business

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Create a Showcase Page of Your Own

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10. Integrate with Twitter & Slideshare If you’ve created a presentation, share it directly to LinkedIn from Slideshare! Increase your reach with integration!

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Steps to Add Twitter to LinkedIn: Click “edit profile” “Add Twitter account” next to the Twitter field This will integrate your Twitter into your LinkedIn account!

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11. Introduce People In Your Network To Each Other Source: John Murphy, LinkedIn Search for one of your connection’s profiles from the top of your home page. From the search results, click their name. Click the down facing arrow next to the blue Send a message button and select Share Profile. How to share a LinkedIn contact’s profile:

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Enter each recipient’s name in the To: field. In the message, explain how your connection and the person you are sharing it with could benefit from knowing each other. Click Send Message! Source: John Murphy, LinkedIn

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