The Government is Listening to Your Calls

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The Government is Listening to Your Calls

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It’s incredibly powerful to understand what’s happening on the phones at your business.

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Calls are 3x more likely to convert than any other type of lead.

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How do you benefit from this insight?

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Guarantee your marketing efforts are paying off.

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Find out how many calls each of your lead sources are bring

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Know where your calls are coming from and how many are quality leads.

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Pro tip

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Use a unique tracking line for each source to gain even more insight.

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Ensure all calls are getting connected.

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Catch the holes and improve the process of how the phones get answered and calls get transferred.

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Provide training opportunities to help your employees Own the Phone.

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Know how well your staff members are handling calls and if they need to improve on any phone skills.

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Are they using a friendly greeting? Are they repeating the customer’s name?

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These are important questions because of how customers perceive the quality of customer service.

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7 out of 10 Americans said they were willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service.1 1American Express Survey

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Are they using affirmative language on the phone?

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This reassures customers about why they’re calling and is helpful when resolving an issue.

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If you resolve an issue in a way that’s favorable to the customer, you can see return business at least 70% of the time.2 2Lee Resources

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Are they asking for the appointment?

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Help employees recognize additional opportunities to ask for an appointment.

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The odds are in your favor, only 12% of people will say no to an appointment invitation.

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Are they following up on missed opportunities?

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Following up with customers is the easiest way to win customers back over.

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52% of callers will not call back if the first call wasn’t answered.

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Reaching back out stops their shopping process and helps you save more than half of your prospects.

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