The Largest American Companies You Haven’t Heard Of

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The Largest American Companies You Haven’t Heard Of

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10. Johnson Controls Annual Revenue: $43.8 Billion Employees: 168,000 Main business is automotive batteries, but also makes car seats and HVAC systems for buildings Its stop-start battery tech is used in fuel efficient cars that turn off when idling and turn back on when the driver lets off of the brake pedal As the auto industry grows, Johnson’s battery business should benefit as well

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9. Ingram Micro Annual Revenue: $46.5 Billion Employees: 21,700 Distributes desktops, notebooks, servers, software and more for HP, IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft Has 200,000 customers worldwide Seeing the shift to cloud services, the company bought SoftCom in 2013 and made investments in other cloud computing companies

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8. Enterprise Products Partners Annual Revenue: $47.9 Billion Employees: 6,900 Oil pipeline company with 51,000 miles of pipes Despite excess worldwide oil production, the company is moving forward with $6.5 billion-worth of pipeline projects and other expansions If oil production slows down, Enterprise Products Partners could see its pipeline business slow as well

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7. Energy Transfer Equity Annual Revenue: $55.7 Billion Employees: 27,605 Manages more than 71,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines in the U.S. Despite huge drops in oil prices, the company has managed to triple annual profits from 2012 to 2015 The glut of oil worldwide means pipeline expansion will start slowing

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6. United Technologies Annual Revenue: $65.1 Billion Employees: 211,500 Company has a vast aerospace and building industry business worldwide Growth in China and orders from the U.S. military have boosted profits United Technologies just sold its Sikorsky helicopter division — maker of the Black Hawk — to Lockheed Martin for $9 billion

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5. Archer Daniels Midland Annual Revenue: $81.2 Billion Employees: 33,900 Main business is food processing for corn, oilseeds, and wheat Hired a new CEO, Juan Luciano, this year Purchase of Wild Flavors and Specialty Commodities in 2014 has helped the company expand its food business

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4. Cardinal Health Annual Revenue: $91 Billion Employees: 34,000 A drug wholesaler that also sells medical products to hospitals and healthcare centers The purchase of Johnson & Johnson's Cordis earlier this year adds heart-health products to its lineup Recent price inflations have helped the company’s drug profit margins

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3. Express Scripts Holding Annual Revenue: $100.9 Billion Employees: 29,500 The company specializes in pharmacy benefits management Express Scripts boosted its position in the space back in 2012 when it bought Medco Health Solutions for nearly $30 billion Implementation of the Affordable Care Act has helped the company increase patient numbers

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2. AmerisourceBergen Annual Revenue: $119.6 Billion Employees: 13,500 One of the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in the world A partnership forged last year with Walgreens allows both companies to scoop up great deals on generic drugs Recently got into the fast-growing animal health industry

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1. McKesson Annual Revenue: $138 Billion Employees: 42,800 McKesson is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the U.S. Second-largest medical technology software company The company’s revenue growth is outpacing the industry average, due to increasing sales in wholesale drugs

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