The Contemporary Entrepreneurship Scene of Greece

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The  Contemporary  Entrepreneurial   “Scene”  of  Greece   Demetrios  Pogkas   Konrad  Adenauer  S;<ung  Social  Market  Economy  Seminar   Day  #3  /  2015-­‐07-­‐11                                          #GRstartupscene  

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Why  me   25  years  old   Communica;ons  &     Mass  Media   Journalist   Tech  Startups  &   Venture  Capital                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Entrepreneurship  Discourse   99,9%   The  number  of  Small  and  Medium-­‐Sized  companies  in  Greece   85,8%   The  percentage  of  enterprises  employees  employed  by     Small  and  Medium-­‐Sized  companies  in  Greece   72,1%   The  percentage  of  enterprises  added  value  added  by     Small  and  Medium-­‐Sized  companies  in  Greece   Source:  European  Commission  SBA  Fact  Sheet  2014                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Entrepreneurship  Discourse   13,225  men;ons*  a(er  2010   2,983  men;ons*  before  2010   <  440%   "Entrepreneurship"  &  "Startups"  Men5ons   "Entrepreneurship"  &  "Startups"  Men5ons    4,000      3,500      3,000    2,500    2,000     Na<    1,500    1,000    500    -­‐   *Men<ons  as  in  results  returned  a?er  online  search  for  the  the  terms  “entrepreneurship”  ("επιχειρηματικότητα"/"επιχειρηματι-­‐ ότητας")  and  “startup/startups”  on  the  following  online  media:,,,  Na?,,,,  Consolidated  results,  years  available  vary.  Source:  Demetrios  Pogkas.                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Roots  of  the  Entrepreneurship/Startup  “Scene”   Silicon  Valley/"Facebook  effect"  -­‐>  Worldwide  Trend     Crisis  -­‐>  New  Genera;on  of  Entrepreneurs     Success  Story  Discourse  -­‐>  Media  Interest     European  Commission  Agenda  -­‐>  Available  Funds     Greeks  Abroad  -­‐>  Global  Networks     Investments  &  Exits  -­‐>  Seeng  Examples                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Roots  of  the  Entrepreneurship/Startup  “Scene”   New  Economy   Development  Fund   (ΤΑΝΕΟ)  Established   2000   Piraeus  Bank  &  Open  Coffee   Create  1st  Seed  VC  Fund/ 2006   Accelerator:  OpenFund   2009   1st  Open  Coffee     Mee;ng   2012   ~  $55mn  +  $30,6mn  +  €8,15  mn   of  investments   in  2013  &  2015*   JEREMIE  Funds   Established   2015   *last  available  data.  Sources:  Demetrios  Pogkas  &                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Entrepreneurship  Ecosystem  Elements   Hackathons   Service  Providers   Meetups   Advisors/ Mentors   Community  (or  not)   Events   Startups   Funding   Business  Ideas     Compe;;ons   Academia   Angel/Private     Investors   Co-­‐working  Spaces   Organisa;ons/ Networks               Incubators/ Accelerators                                  #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Hackathons   Startups                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Meetups   Startups                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Community  (or  not)   Events   Startups                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups                     Business  Ideas     Compe;;ons                            #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups   Academia                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups   Co-­‐working  Spaces                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups             Incubators/ Accelerators                                    #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups   Organisa;ons/ Networks                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups   Angel/Private     Investors                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Startups   Funding                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Advisors/ Mentors   Startups                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Get  Started   Service  Providers   Startups                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Successes   BugSense   Acquired  by  Splunk  (2013  -­‐  N/a)   Antcor   Acquired  by  u-­‐blox  (2014  -­‐  €8,5mn  )   AbZorba  Games   Acquired  by  GreenTube  (2015  -­‐  N/a)   e-­‐FOOD  &  Click  Delivery   Acquired  by  Delivery  Hero  (2015  -­‐  N/a)                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Failures   Locish   Shut  Down   (2014  -­‐  €650.000  in  funding)   Cookisto   Shut  Down   (2014  -­‐  €200.000  in  funding)   BigStash  by  Longaccess   Shut  Down   (2014  -­‐  €300.000  in  funding)                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Want  to  Start  Up?   -­‐  Form  a  Team   -­‐  Work  on  your  Business  Idea   -­‐  Learn  the  Basics  (Lean  Startup,  Business  Model  Canvas)   -­‐  Follow  Interna;onal  Trends   -­‐  Connect  &  Network   -­‐  Pitch  your  Idea  to  Anyone  Willing  to  Listen  to  You   -­‐  Squeeze  Out  your  Friends  &  Family   -­‐  Join  an  Incubator   -­‐  Create  an  Investors  Pitch  Deck   -­‐  Travel  Outside  of  Greece   -­‐  Work  Hard   -­‐  Execute  &  Deliver   -­‐  Give  Back   -­‐  If  Fail,  Start  Again                                              #GRstartupscene  

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Thank  you!     Connect  at:                                              #GRstartupscene  

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