The Experience of Innovation

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the experience of innovation Mary Ann Mavrinac M.J. D’Elia AILP 2015 : Waterloo : July

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innovation = buzzword

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innovation > imagination > creativity > invention

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innovation > NEW > DIFFERENT

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innovation ! DISRUPTIVE

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innovation = CORE VALUE

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innovation = core value

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CORE PRACTICE ≠ core value

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How might we make innovation a core practice?

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Can you accelerate this journey for an organization?

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culture of is building like a house innovation

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THE blueprint

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blueprint = plan

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blueprint > process

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blueprint > relationships

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blueprint > refinements

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blueprint = plan = vision

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blueprint ! flat

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THE build

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site preparation clear debris pour foundation 1

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site preparation Which processes, policies, procedures need to be cleared away?

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site preparation Which new approaches and processes need to be installed?

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site preparation No project charters Use models instead of plans [Examples]

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rough-in construction frame walls install vents, wires, pipes 2

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rough-in construction What support elements need to be built?

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rough-in construction How will data, information and resources flow?

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rough-in construction Establish strategic directions “Decide and design with data” [Examples]

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exterior surfaces insulate and wrap house install siding & brick 3

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exterior surfaces How might you insulate your budding culture of innovation?

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exterior surfaces How might you make it distinctive?

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exterior surfaces Defined projects (e.g. VLC) Permission to experiment [Examples]

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interior finishes install drywall lay hard surface flooring 4

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interior finishes What mindsets and ways of working will you encourage?

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interior finishes What methods and processes will you adopt and implement?

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interior finishes Use ‘Customer Development’ Model transparency [Examples]

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landscaping driveways & pathways grade the land 5

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landscaping How might you introduce others to this new culture?

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landscaping How might you lower the barriers to entry?

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landscaping Lightweight projects (e.g. Library Listening Project) [Examples]

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final touches finish interior install fixtures 6

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final touches How might you allow staff to personalize their experience?

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final touches How might you address deficiencies?

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final touches Dedicated spaces (e.g. media lab) Shared ownership of the culture [Examples]

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move in

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reflection inspection points generalists & specialists foundation & flexibility

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the experience of innovation thank you! AILP 2015 : Waterloo : July Mary Ann Mavrinac M.J. D’Elia

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