Six ways to stand out in an interview

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Six ways to stand out in an interview

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Be the person you want to work with From the moment you leave home until the time you arrive at the interview location and speak to the receptionist: smile, be confident and be gracious. A moment of exasperation on the lips can lead to a lifetime of employment rejection thanks to the power of word of mouth reputation.

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Do your research Have an understanding about the company and the industry you’re applying to work for. If you have the ability to contextualize this information and discuss it in the interview the recruiter will be very impressed.

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Take control Don’t know enough about the job, conditions or salary? Ask! Having the ability to ask about the role, expectations and environment in a well-rounded question rather than in a self-serving way will speak volumes about your potential.

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Show off… a little Bring examples of your achievements. If you can illustrate your achievements in a visual way like a chart it will really bring it to life.

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Don’t worry about perfection You will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses so prepare your answers in advance so you highlight your weaknesses but back it up with how you’d like to improve on them.

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Highlight your strengths Just as you did for your weaknesses, prepare your answers about your strengths. Plan ahead and even have a few questions that show you’re keen to be a team player and add value like “is there an opportunity to share knowledge with the broader team on a regular basis?’

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Remember these six tips and you’ll be on your way to impress any recruiter.

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