8 Books To Read - If You Want To Kick Butt In Business

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BSchool Bites 8 Books to Read If you want to kick-butt in business Being an entrepreneur is about turning ideas into action. There’s a huge amount out there on how to do this, and learning these skills will make your journey faster, easier and more fun. But where on earth do you start? How about by reading the books that have inspired some of Australia’s biggest success stories – our BFaculty mentors.

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Tip. Put down the book and use the information at regular intervals. Learning about a new idea is one thing – but information doesn’t become knowledge until you use it. Entrepreneurship is a practice-based skillset like aikido or yoga. When you find a brilliant nugget of knowhow, stop reading and start using it.

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Title. “Blue Ocean Strategy” Adrian Giles Founder, Hitwise Mentor for: The Big Idea (Unit 1) Author Says: Adrian Says: The authors believe that companies can succeed not by battling competitors, but rather by creating “blue oceans” of uncontested market space – and provide the analytical tools for finding those spaces. “I have always looked for ideas that have relevance on a global scale. Ten years after its original publication, the tools in this book’s new edition are still providing an enormously powerful access to discovering new business opportunities.”

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Title. “Steve Jobs” Caroline Creswell Founder, Carman’s Muesli Mentor for: The Product (Unit 2) Author Says: Caroline Says: An authorised biography based on interviews with Jobs and many of his friends, family, colleagues and competitors. “BSchool is founded on learning from those who have achieved success and this book tells the story of one of the greatest product innovators in history. It emphasises that the essential ingredient for all products is that the creators have thought about everything that the customer would ever want.”

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Title. “Book About Innocent” Simon Crowe Founder, Grill’d Burgers Mentor for: Build the Story (Unit 3) Author Says: Simon Says: Passion and purpose start a brand, but effective story telling is fundamental to its success. How can you use story telling to become essential to your audience? “This book tells how the Innocent team used emotion and energy to connect people to their products by telling a story that people believed and invested in emotionally.”

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Title. “Velocity” David Trewern Founder, DT Digital Mentor for: The Power of Digital Media (Unit 4) Author Says: David Says: Key principles for businesses to thrive in a world of accelerating change and pervasive digital technology. “I’ve provided you with this book because I believe it is one of the best sources of information on the strategy and tactics of digital marketing – the fundamental prerequisites of any digital marketing campaign.”

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Title. “Delivering Happiness” Emma Isaacs Founder, Business Chicks Mentor for: Build the Team (Unit 5) Author Says: Emma Says: The story of the entrepreneur behind successful startup zappos.com – so successful it was sold to Amazon. “This book gives a unique insight into one of the great company cultures that exist in the world today. Business is 10% product and 90% culture, so it’s as important to study successful culture as successful process.”

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Title. “The Lean Startup” Ryan Trainor Founder, Republica Education Mentor for: The Plan (Unit 6) Author Says: Ryan Says: Condensed learnings from a tech startup whiz and venture capital advisor. “Failing to plan is planning to fail – yet you will never come up with the perfect business plan at the beginning. The Lean Startup solves this with a new way of thinking about planning that builds in flexibility and agility.”

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Title. “The 12 Magic Slides” Richard Forbes Managing Director, 333 Group Mentor for: Shake the Tin (Unit 7) Author Says: Richard Says: Practical advice from a capital advisor on how to get the money you need, particularly from professional investors. “I’d like to say there was such a thing as 12 magic slides. There’s not, but this book will help you create a decent pitch with its practical framework and examples. Its structure will free you up to focus on what your investors are ultimately putting their money into – you.”

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Title. “The Art of Innovation” Pete Williams Founder, Deloitte Digital Mentor for: Evolve or Die (Unit 8) Author Says: Pete Says: The GM of design and innovation consultancy IDEO discusses the art and craft of innovative thinking. “Creativity in your thinking, production and processes will be the key to your ongoing success, so understanding how to turn ideas into products is fundamental to entrepreneurial success.

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Moving From Knowing to Doing As mentioned earlier, the key to getting value out of what you read is to use it. These books are a key part of this year’s BSchool Diploma of Business, where top Australian entrepreneurs teach startups, existing businesses and intrapreneurs how to repeat their successes. If you’d like to learn from masters with proven business savvy, explore the BFaculty’s credentials below.

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