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“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” -C. DARWIN

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Today, innovation is no longer an option for companies.* * See

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Companies know that it’s a question of life or death.

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So, they have to react as quickly as possible.

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Unfortunately, most of them are facing insuperable obstacles.

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Biologically, organizations that are not prepared for change, don’t change. First obstacle:

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Companies are made by the people within.

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People have acquired skills that, at moments, have given significant advantages to companies in order to prosper.

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Skills are habits that are wired in the brain.

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It requires a lot of effort in order to change the wirings in the brain and thus, the habits.

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All managers are not incited to change. Second obstacle:

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Most managers have acquired their position through professional successes.

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They have been awarded for their efforts and received privileges.

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Any change that can jeopardize their position and privileges is unacceptable for them.

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Especially in top down organizations, disruptive changes as required by innovation are very difficult.

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Are you ready to loose control? Third obstacle:

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When companies miss their results, shareholders push hard for stronger plans to recover their investments.

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Since innovation is transforming constantly in the world, structured plans are not working anymore.

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How many companies will accept to live with uncertainty?

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How many will focus on developing business enablers with unpredictable results?

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Financial pressure. Fourth obstacle:

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Cash is burning.

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Your CFO asks for immediate actions.

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It cost less money to try to stop the damages on legacy market than to invest it on innovation.

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Conclusion Even If most of companies know that innovation is their only way to survive… there are too many internal obstacles that make the path to innovation IMPOSSIBLE.

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