What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? 

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What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? 

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We leave our social media footprint all over the web. But how can you be sure you’re being perceived in the right way when it comes to your professional social media presence? We’ve got some tips to help.

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Say your name.

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Make it easy for potential employers to find you and use your full name. Make sure it matches the one on your CV too.

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Selfies are out!

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You’re trying to show off your good side - your professional good side that is. So use a photo where you’re smiling, wearing an appropriate outfit and have a neutral background.

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Use your words to stand out from the crowd

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Utilise the summary and tell employers what makes your different from the rest. Think of the summary as an elevator pitch. And do speak in first person. 

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Network by connecting

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Don’t forget to be social. Connect with friends, old classmates, colleagues and other people you’ve met. Connections help give you credibility and are even better if they endorse or recommend you.

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Don’t be shy!

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List your achievements and don’t forget to add a little detail about the role you had in reaching the success.

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Show off.

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You’ve worked hard to gain your qualifications, so list them.

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Don’t get caught.

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Don’t lie on your profile, it’s on the web and someone will no doubt know you’re lying and won’t be afraid to point it out. Embarrassing? More like reputation ruining!

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Better still, get someone to proof for you. And we are not just talking about spelling and grammar. Check details, dates, company names and consistency of information from one section to the next.

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Make it personal.  

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When you ask someone to connect with you, personalise the connection request. You want to make people know you’re not just playing a numbers game.

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Get socializing

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Join groups that are relevant to your industry, experience and interests. And remember to join in, post content and get known amongst the group

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