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BetterCloud Taylor Gould VP of Marketing How to Market Your Startup to the Enterprise April 9, 2014 Powering Cloud IT

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GET IN TOUCH @gouldtr My Background VP of Marketing at BetterCloud 24th employee and 1st marketing hire at Cloud Sherpas (now 900 employees, 100M annual revenue) Background in digital marketing (SEO / PPC) on the agency side, but have learned to market to the enterprise over the past 4 years

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2011 About BetterCloud © 2015 BetterCloud, Inc. All Rights Reserved 32M 50K 105 $47M Founded Organizations End Users Team Members Venture Funding BetterCloud provides critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms. By leveraging open APIs, BetterCloud securely connects with your data at its source, providing maximum control without requiring any cumbersome setup.

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Company growth story Inside our growth tactics How we market to the enterprise Q&A © 2015 BetterCloud, Inc. All Rights Reserved Agenda

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BetterCloud’s Growth Story

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© 2015 BetterCloud, Inc. All Rights Reserved Growth Timeline BetterCloud’s Growth

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QUESTION Is your product a: Painkiller Vitamin Piece of candy Build a painkiller, e.g. a product that solves a truly important problem for your users. Make sure you’re solving real problems, not just providing a cool feature or tool Our product team did extensive research before even beginning to code Research and Build

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Built core “private alpha” group advocated for us, served as case studies, spoke w/ investors, etc. Research moved on from requirements to UX, making sure we built the features the WAY people wanted Prototype / Alpha

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Gathered list of 500+ Google Apps admins interested in trying beta once it launched Bunching installs in this way allowed us to jump to #1 in the Google Apps Marketplace quickly If your product is in a marketplace, see if there’s a way to distribute your product privately before launch Beta Launch BetterCloud - Management

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Many things went wrong! Architecture didn’t scale But most customers were very forgiving Better to go through these architecture issues during beta, rather than having paying customers Significant Feature Launches Response from a Customer after a significant outage “Dear David, Thank for you for the information and we really appreciate your open communications. We love the product and are always excited to see new developments. All the best and keep up the great work!”

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Repeatedly made customers aware that BetterCloud would be a paid product with free version eventually Surveyed entire customer base in February 2013 to determine optimal price point. “Would you pay X for BetterCloud?”, with X randomized. Pricing and Enterprise Launch Pricing Tip If you’re in a newer market with no pricing precedents, ask your customers what they would pay for your product. You don’t have to do what they say, but at least you will have the information.

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BetterCloud BetterCloud BetterCloud Pricing

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Inside Our Growth Tactics

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We manage a network of 9 sites, including a number of microsites focused on certain themes Solid base due to upfront investment allows us to experiment with other channels Focus on your “purchase” keywords first, but think about related phrases that can bring potential users into the VERY top of your funnel SEO is Our Foundation SEO Tips SEO your entire funnel, not just conversion keywords You HAVE to blog and consistently produce fresh content

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Under-used pricing strategy for Enterprise products Great if a marketplace is your primary distribution channel If freemium is not an option, think about building free or single-use lead-gen tools, like HubSpot’s Marketing Grader Freemium Model Freemium Tips Easier to add to free version than to take it away Force users to try paid version first

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Incorporate potential channel partners into your distribution strategy from the beginning Partners work with hundreds of customers in your target market. Get feedback from partners early on if possible. Channel Partners Channel Tips Get a partner’s attention by working with one of their key customers Or by solving one of the partner’s problems! We built a reseller console

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Great partners have great relationships with their customers -> so they’ll try your product Typically the largest customers all work with partners, and while you can get a customer’s attention, closing the deal without their partner’s help may be difficult. Channel Distribution Channel Tips More sophisticated partners may have multiple teams you can work with Make it as easy as possible to resell your product

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Ultimately, its most important to simply solve common problems that come up in your market. If you do this, everything else falls into place. Google recommends BetterCloud every time customers bring up certain issues Our channel partners install our product on every new customer domain because it helps with deployment, and ultimately reduces burden on their support teams (customers can do more on their own). Focus on Solving Pain Points

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How BetterCloud Markets to the Enterprise

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Two Key Frameworks See, Think, Do User vs. Purchaser

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Most enterprise products are expensive The person deciding to spend this money is often not the person that will use the product Think about the “decision line” - users are below it, purchasers are above it User vs. Purchaser

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Our users are IT people on the “front lines” - IT / Sys Admins, IT Directors, Help Desk They are overworked, pressed for time, and need solutions to their problems ASAP! The Users

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BetterCloud uses a freemium model, so anyone can install Person who installs often doesn’t have the authority to purchase (esp. in orgs above 300-400 employees) Purchaser typically doesn’t end up using the product The Purchaser

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You need to eventually convince both We lead with users, by generating content relevant to them and offering a free trial + free basic version We then equip the user to convince the purchaser Market: features and immediate benefits to your true users, and help them solve problems quickly ROI, security, and long-term benefits to decision-makers How do you market to both?

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Below the Line Below the Line Content Is relevant to our users, not purchasers Often helps our users solve a problem Is almost never primarily about the app BetterCloud BetterCloud BetterCloud BetterCloud

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Below the Line Below the Line Content Is relevant to our users, not purchasers Often helps our users solve a problem Is almost never primarily about the app

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Above the Line Above the Line Content Is relevant to our purchasers, not users Focuses more on ROI and benefits, not the product Is often not available on our websites, and only distributed through users $$ $ BetterCloud Enterprise Automate common tasks and focus on higher-value work Save money by purchasing comprehensive product instead of point solutions Create granular sharing policies to prevent public data exposure Discover and correct inappropriate Drive, Sites, and Calendar sharing Manage group settings and memberships Schedule periodic password resets Create and update users in bulk Cost of BetterCloud Value to Customer Tangible Intangible $1-2 / user / month

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See, Think, Do Framework Avinash Kaushik -

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How We’re Using “See, Think, Do”

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