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Pakistan A New Silicon Valley

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Actual Silicon Valley …

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Bahawalpur …

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In Pakistan …

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Yes, we have a system …

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Yes, we have a system …

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Yes, we have a system …

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Yes, we have a system …

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Yes, we have a system …

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In Pakistan …

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And yet 1 Million Freelancers

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Let’s go to Sans Francisco (Silicon Valley) The Homeland of IT Ecosphere

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Some Big Software Companies Sun Microsystem Apple Microsoft Adobe Oracle Linux Unix

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And Hardware companies Apple IBM Dell HP Cisco

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And Modern Development

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Key People (Entrepreneurs)

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Let’s go to Pakistan (New Silicon Valley)

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Over 500 Software Houses As well as Software Houses etc.

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Like …

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Yet Another …

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And Another

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Key People (Entrepreneurs)

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Umar Saif Chairman PITB, Vice Chancellor ITU

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Jehan Ara President [email protected]

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Salim Ghauri CEO Netsol

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Farhan Masood Founder, CEO SoloTech

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Dilawer Syed CEO Yonja Media Group, FreshDesk ex-CTO YAHOO

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Kalsoom Lakhani Founder i2i

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Nabeel Qadeer Executive Director Plan9

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Hafsa Shorish Executive Director PlanX

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Zia Imran CEO Zaheen Machine

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And finally, Syed Basit Ali Founder Eccentrica Technologies co-founder

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Nurturing this Ecosystem

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Incubators A place of nurturing new born Startups

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Innovation Center

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Workspace …

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Others are …

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LUMS’ take …

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Jumpstart you Startup …

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Finally, i2i

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A glimpse into some Startups

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Look here …

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Also …

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Savaree (Carpool)

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Founder Team

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Now Funded by

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Get Tickets online

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Got Funded by $4 million earned in a prize

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Musical Venture

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Just Beta, yet Awesome …

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Scope of IT in Pakistan

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Let’s have some

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Quick Stats

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Facts & Figures Over 1 Million self-employed Freelancers 66 Startups launched under Plan9 5-6 Startups accelerated at PlanX 16 Startups launched at LCE Nest I/O and i2i has entered into second round …

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Startups Over 300 startups are successfully working in market More than 10 incubators are promoting Entrepreneurship A lot of Hackathons, Innovation Labs, training sessions are stimulating IT empowerment

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Freelancers 3rd largest Freelancing army on 4th largest Freelancing army on Likely, a big army on Managed to attract over $ 3.14 Billion in Pakistan, thus supporting Pakistan’s economy

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Web Ventures Many Companies are working in private sector E.g. Rocket Internet Company have following ventures: Jovago CarMudi LaMudi FoodPanda Kaymu & daraz clickBus & Easy Taxi

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Annual Growth According to Jehan Ara ( from [email protected]), comparing to other fields, Pakistani IT exports and industry is growing by over 25%. Now, What top notch Techies says ???

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What Tribune Says

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Future Horizons … 20,000+ undergrads annually Highly demanding Market Keen and Crazy Entrepreneurs ;-) Freelancing Army of 1 Million IT professionals Best IT market supporting Economy …

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Finally …

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Q/A Session

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