How to Get the Job You Deserve

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How to Get the Job You Deserve a Human Workplace Slideshare deck April, 2015

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What is Human Workplace? Human Workplace is a global movement to reinvent work for people. We launched in 2012 and have one million followers and fans so far. Join us! Human Workplace is a publishing and coaching firm. Our mission is to put a human voice and MOJO into work!

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So how do I get the job I deserve? You’ll get the job you deserve by breaking nearly all of the traditional job search rules. You’ll job-hunt the way CEOs and consultants do.

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Here are some rules you’ll break! You’ll use “I” in your resume. You’ll use complete sentences in your resume, too! You’ll use a Human Voice in your Resume™ instead of a robotic zombie voice. You’ll skip the automated recruiting sites and reach your hiring managers directly, right at their desks. You won’t write traditional cover letters anymore. You’ll write Pain Letters™ instead. A Pain Letter™ talks about the Business Pain™ behind a job ad – the only reason a manager ever fills a job opening.

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Here’s a picture to show you how you’ll Get the Job You Deserve!

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What does it mean? First, you’ll set your career direction. Next, you’ll brand yourself for the jobs you want. After that you’ll create your Target Employer List and start to follow organizations and people you’re interested in. Then you’ll design your Job Search Strategy and Schedule. You’ll follow your plan, keep learning and keep moving forward to get the job you want and deserve!

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Get the Job You Deserve™ is a non-traditional job search approach. It is very powerful and mojo-building, but in order to follow this path you must be ready to try something new. You’ll have to step out of the traditional job-search mindset to follow the steps we’ve illustrated here. Are you ready to do that?

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How do I learn more about the Get the Job You Deserve™ approach? Learn in a virtual course from Human Workplace!

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What kind of course? Get the Job You Deserve™ is a virtual, self-study program. Choose one of three editions of Get the Job You Deserve™: Four-Week Edition $129 12-Week Standard Edition $299 12-Week Advanced Edition $599 All USD

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What will happen when I join the course Get the Job You Deserve™? Every week for 4 weeks or 12 weeks, you’ll receive a new lesson to work on during the week as it suits your schedule. You’ll learn a brand new, high-MOJO way to job-hunt!

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What’s my next step? That’s a great question! Are you ready to take control of your job search and Get the Job You Deserve™? Check the roadmap on the next slide and see where you’re standing right now!

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The Path to Muscles & MOJO™! Where do you find yourself on the Path to Muscles & MOJO™? You might think “Get away from me with all this non-traditional job search stuff.” You might think “I’ll try it!” What’s your reaction to Get the Job You Deserve™?

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Want to learn more? Jump here to read about the virtual course Get the Job You Deserve™! This course will launch on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. Grow your Muscles & MOJO with us and Get the Job You Deserve™!

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Contact us! Reach our Operations Manager Michael Wilcox at [email protected] Follow us on Twitter: @humanworkplace Have a great day!