If I were 22anddying to rock marketing

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If I were 22 and dying to rock marketing #IFIWERE22

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If I were 22 and dying to rock marketing #IFIWERE22

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If I were 22 and dying to rock marketing #IFIWERE22

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11 things I learned on the job that will make you rock marketing I have 15 years of experience in marketing related jobs. Trust me. You won’t regret investing in these seemingly trivial skills.

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1. Creative feedback how to get it and receive it David Ogilvy said it best: “Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself”. It takes genius and humility to not mess up a good creative concept and not hamper creative talent. Giving and receiving a brief, essential too.

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2. Vlookup & excel tricks Rock advanced excel, rock your job Marketers should not be afraid of numbers. Number manipulations, functions, pivot tables, statistics add-on. They are your best allies to show marketing savviness and rise above the pack.

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3. History of advertising Know your wells, bernbach, Ogilvy… You’ll be in the 10th percentile easily if you can rely on the experience and great work of industry legends. The history, the way of thinking, the best practices. Be discerning, but be a voracious student of your trade.

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4. Manage upward Manage expectations & stand your ground Marketing is tricky because it is often a matter of opinions and guesses. So, set expectations and update about tests, hypotheses, advancement. Also, forge opinions and be ready to defend them. While being open-minded.

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5. Master the numbers know your numbers. Calculate on the spot Impress people in the room. Be the number-inclined. It never hurts. It’s easy. Know the metrics of your sector, of your activity, etc. And train to do basic ratio and percentage calculations.

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6. Project management tasks, deadlines, follow-up: master them A lot of what we do as marketers is project management – launches, campaigns, tradeshows, websites… So there is no excuse: learn the ropes. Make Gantt your BFF. Trust me, a reliable project manager is worth its weight in gold.

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7. Storytelling we always are. Know the ins and outs Speaking at a conference, writing a blog post, putting together a campaign, delivering an elevator pitch. It’s always about how well you tell a story – yours, your product’s, your brand’s… Great marketers know how to tell stories. Period.

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8. Bargaining we are deal makers, budget warriors If you’re to be a marketer, you will sell and buy –media space, solutions, software, rights… You will make deals –inventory, sponsorships, endorsements… And you will fight for budgets. With your nails and teeth. So don’t be a fool and think bargaining is a salesman’s job.

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9. Art of the sketch get your point across. Visually. We marketers are being paid to get a point across. That point can get pretty technical. The trick? As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, don’t stand lower than a caveman on the corporate ladder: know how to convey your point of view visually in a strategic manner.

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10. Endurance it’s a marathon. Not a sprint. At Amex, I learned a great word: resilience. That skill was valued. And needed, as I soon realized. The Oxford Dictionary defines resilience as “able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions”. Yep, it’s tough out here for Marketers. Build a thick skin, and be a pitbull.

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11. Don’t do ? of the job go all the way. Hey, you’re 22! I should have written 22 tips for a 22 years old. Not stopped at 11. I should have put background on that slide. Don’t be complacent, don’t stop or cope out. You’re just getting started. Go all in. Go all the way.

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Did this help? Or was I just full of it? Please, do say! then now #IFIWERE22 @guillaumerigal linkedin.com/in/guillaumerigal