What I Wish I Had Known When I Was 22

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What I Wish I Had Known When I Was 22 By: Laurinda Seabra

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To TRUST That my “INTUITION” Never Fails …

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To NOT BELIEVE everything The most important factor that I wish I had known is that some people lie, and then they lie some more … Journalists Politicians Religious leaders Educators Business leaders

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That there is NO JOB for LIFE …

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That getting a “JOB” is not the beginning nor the end … and that a “JOB” takes many forms and follows many paths.

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That I was BETTER informed …

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That I Researched More That I knew how to ask the RIGHT questions. That I had the will to question everything. That I had read about ALL types of opinions. That I had talked to ALL types of people. And ONLY once I had analyzed all the information I had made my own mind without being unduly influenced by others …

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That COMPASSION, ETHICS, VALUES principles are not followed by all …

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That what many say is “RIGHT” or “WRONG” may not be either … trust that you will always know what is really “RIGHT” or “WRONG”

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That I didn’t BUY into all the HYPE

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NOT Followed the “Trends” That I allowed myself to be myself Not followed the latest fashion trends because it was the “IN” thing Bought into the latest technology gimmick Seen the latest film because someone said “I MUST”, etc., etc., …

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That “LAW” and “JUSTICE” are not the same thing …

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There’s LAW and then … There’s interpretation of the law … Justice is not automatically part of the legal system That laws are totally MEN made That not all LAWS are fair That some LAWS are created to support some business or individual interests rather than protecting the common good or even nature.

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My last words of advice …

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Remember that WE DO MAKE a difference to the world we live in through our actions …

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Live YOUR life as “YOU” and enjoy the journey …

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WE are ALL here to LEARN and GROW spiritually …

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Thank YOU Enjoy your day …