Want to take your job from local to global? Before you book your flight there some things you need to know.

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Want to take your job from local to global? Before you book your flight there some things you need to know.

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Okay, you’ve done the fun part and chosen your destination. Here are the next steps…

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The (boring but) essential checklist

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Do you need a visa to live and work there? Research real estate costs. Can you afford the lifestyle you’re after? How much will it cost to relocate all your stuff? Do you have a partner, children or pets? Don’t forget their requirements too.

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The job search

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We live in a digital world, so get online and start networking. Take this as an opportunity to connect with recruiters and employers directly.

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The application

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It’s important to express why you want to relocate in your cover letter and show your enthusiasm about the destination. Convince the recruiter that you won’t be running home after only week on the job.

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The interview

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Be prepared for long-distance interviews via phone or Skype. Don’t forget to dress the part and clean the room you’ll be sitting in! They don’t need to see your dirty dishes in the background.

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Test the waters

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If you’re really serious about relocating, make the first move. But if you can’t commit to moving without a job, then visit the location. Make the most of this time to get familiar with the place and set up face-to-face interviews.

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Only fools rush in

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Unless your only motivation is to jump borders, don’t take a job that’s only attractive because of its location. Weigh up the stress and cost of moving and leaving an established life behind first.

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Only fools rush in Your ticket out of here could be as simple as staying right where you are

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Many businesses have offices dotted around the world, so if you’re willing to be patient, you could work towards a transfer within your current company. But you’ll need to do research to ensure they offer it and prove to them that you deserve it!

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and finally…don’t forget your passport!

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