Effective Interviews via Video Conference

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Effective Interviews via Video Conference

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Plan Regardless of whether it is through an Executive Search consultancy or with a company directly, you need to prepare in exactly the same manner as if it were a face to face interview.

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2. Computer Set-up Do your due diligence to ensure the video conference will run seamlessly. Research how to use the software if this is your first time. Make sure you have everything set up prior to interview to look organised and to be on time.

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3. Dress to Impress We recommend candidates dress appropriately in business attire. The amount of times people took the “news reporter” approach and failed has been countless. If you interview in a shirt and boxers – just make sure you don’t stand up until the camera is off.

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4. Set the Scene Candidates should place their laptops or computers at eye level and sit directly in front. Also it is important to ensure that there is a clean backdrop. From experience, the best lighting for video conference is one that is set up behind the computer and aimed directly at you.

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Research the company you will interview with, ensure you have the accurate tools and software for the meeting and that you have set up the necessary log-ins, dress appropriately 5. Limit Distractions Set yourself up in a quiet space and ensure no one will interrupt you or walk in the background and don’t answer your phone. It is never okay to do this at an interview!

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6. Show Interest Be enthusiastic, listen and most importantly – make eye contact with the camera, not the screen. The eyes are a main focal point in which nonverbal communication flows through. Eye contact during interviews is a sign of confidence, respect and honesty regardless of whether it is face to face or via video conference.

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