INNOVATION EVERYWHERE Building up startup cities #startup #sxsw Follow me @cgarb

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INNOVATION EVERYWHERE Building up startup cities #startup #sxsw Follow me @cgarb

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The future of the US economy is dependent on technology driven startups Twitter: @cgarb

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“A startup is a company designed to grow fast” - Paul Graham Twitter: @cgarb

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The top 5% of growing companies create 2/3 of new jobs Over 70% of these companies < 5 years old US Census data Twitter: @cgarb

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Why startup hubs work Paul Graham Startup Communities Brad Feld The Rise of the Rest Steve Case Twitter: @cgarb

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Innovation Index Twitter: @cgarb

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Startup community Starters Talent Supporters Capital sources Promoters Twitter: @cgarb

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Starters # co’s founded Twitter: @cgarb

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Talent # people with qualifying skills Twitter: @cgarb

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Supporters # startup provider programs Twitter: @cgarb

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Capital sources # finances/$ $ Twitter: @cgarb

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Promoters # content/mentions Twitter: @cgarb

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Failure is a necessary fertilizer for a startup community Twitter: @cgarb

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Come to our meetup 5:30PM Monday 3/16 @ Benji’s Thank you! @cgarb