Leave a great voicemail and you might land the job

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Leave a great voicemail and you might land the job

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You’ve got a great cover letter and an impressive resume, but is your phone manner letting you down? Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help.

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Understand the power of the phone. Stand out from the other applicants and pick up the phone, it’s your chance to impress before you even meet the interviewer when everyone else is sending emails or text.

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Practice. Test what you want to say by recording it using the voice memo feature on your phone. This allows you to hear what you sound like to others over the phone.

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Check your own voicemail. In case you miss a call back make sure your own voicemail message is clear, professional and you include your name.

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It’s in the detail. Start your message with your full name and the role title you are applying for. Then give your reason for calling and repeat your name and phone number at the end.

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But what should you say? After your name and role title, it can be as simple as ‘I submitted my resume on May 1, and am returning your call from 11am today, May 7’. Don’t forget to end the message with your name and phone number so they know who called and get call you back.

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