How to tell your new boss that you were fired

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How to tell your new boss that you were fired

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If you were fired or let go from your last job you’re probably nervous about bringing it up in your next interview. If the interviewer doesn’t ask you why you left your previous role don’t need to volunteer the information. But if they do it’s important to be honest.

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Being honest with the interviewer about the situation will stop you looking like you’re trying to hide information.

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It’s a small world. Your new colleagues may have connections to the people you previously worked with so it’s always safer to be up front - or that little white lie could come back to haunt you.

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It’s not a conversation starter. Don’t open the interview with that fact that you were fired but be ready to answer the question should it come up during the interview. Having an answer prepared beforehand will stop you from getting flustered when asked.

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Try to have a positive spin on the situation and don’t speak poorly of your previous boss or co-workers - this will only reflect poorly on you.

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Take responsibility for what happened. We all make mistakes and the interviewer will be impressed if you can take ownership of the circumstance and discuss how you tried to resolve the mistake.

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You don’t know how the interviewer will take the news that you were let go of your last job. But being honest is always something to be proud of.

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