10 Productive Habits For Working From Home

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10 Productive Habits For Working From Home Justin Bryant

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Have A Designated Work Space

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Designated Work Space Have a designated office or some kind of work space in your home that is where you always go to get your best work done. Surround yourself with what will help you be more productive and less distracted.

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2. Avoid Distractions

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2. Avoid Distractions Smart phones, tablets, TV’s, etc. are all very good at wasting our time. Keep them out of your work space if possible, so you can be more focused during your work hours.

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3. Dress Well

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3. Dress Well I’m not saying you should wear an Armani suit or fancy dress to work from home everyday, but just waking up and working all day in your PJ’s may be hurting your productivity. When you look good and feel like you’re in a good state to work in, you will get a lot more done. Try to dress a little better for your work from home days.

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4. Work In Cycles

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4. Work In Cycles Did you know that the current way employees work at regular jobs was established back in the early industrial age by Henry Ford? Things have changed since then and new studies show that we work best with 90 minutes of production and quick 20 minute breaks.

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5. Have A Plan

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5. Have A Plan If you plan out your day, you will be a lot more productive. To avoid getting scatterbrained or have trouble figuring out what the next task should be that you must work on, make a list of what you must get done for the day and check each task off one by one until you have finished.

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6. Have Routine Office Hours

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6. Have Routine Office Hours It is going to be very tough to stay consistently productive if you have a lot of random work hours that always change. Have your own designated hours of operation for you to work and you will be much more productive.

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7. Know When To Stop

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7. Know When To Stop If you have ever felt overloaded from working, you need to probably learn when to call it a day. Working yourself to death will make you grumpy and depressed all the time, which leads to less production and a worse social life.

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8. Stay Connected To Your Team

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8. Stay Connected To Your Team Let’s face it, it is pretty hard to be a one-man show these days. Running an entire business yourself takes a lot of hours and a lot of skills on a daily basis. You probably have a team of some sort to help you with the day-to-day tasks and you should definitely make sure and stay connected with them. Ask them what their needs are. See how they’re doing. Keep a good relationship with them and show them you care and they will always give you their all.

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9. Avoid Family And Friends During Work Hours

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9. Avoid Family/Friends During Work Hours If you work at home and have family or friends there as with you during the hours you are supposed to be working, you need to let them know that you’re going to be busy for a while. Let them know which hours during the day you need to focus on your work so they will know not to bother you during that time. If you were at a regular job, they wouldn’t be bothering you or trying to talk to you every minutes because it interrupts productivity. It should be the same at home. Don’t let others distract you. Find a good balance between your work and life and make specific times for both each day.

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10. Reward Yourself

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10. Reward Yourself What good is accomplishing a bunch of goals if there is nothing that you get for it? Reward yourself with whatever you’ve been wanting when you work hard and reach a goal. This will make you want to set and reach new goals in your business.

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