Five questions you’re too embarrassed to ask on the first day of your new job

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Five questions you’re too embarrassed to ask on the first day of your new job

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A guide to those questions you’re too shy to ask your new boss…

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How much will I earn? If you’re applying through a recruiter they will give you a rough idea of salary range in your first chat. If you’re applying directly through the employer, the salary specifics will be discussed once you reach the job offer stage. You might want to also do some research online about the average salary ranges of people in your profession.

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What should I wear on my first day? You can get a good indication of dress code from those conducting your interview. On your first day you’ll be able assess how others dress and adjust your outfit choice for your second day if necessary. Remember: it’s always better to be overdressed than undressed.

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How do I know what is the appropriate behavior? In any job you should have a professional, mature attitude. Don’t yell at people over the office partition, don’t swear, and hold off on telling any personal stories until you’ve built a relationship with your coworkers. Be friendly, but until you know your colleagues better, act the same way you did in the interview.

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Where are the toilets? You will most likely be taken on a tour of the office on your first day, so the toilets should be pointed out to you then. If not, don’t be shy; use it as an icebreaker with your new desk neighbour.

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I already have leave booked – what should I do? You don’t need to mention it in the interview process, but if you get the job you should tell your boss as soon as possible. They will appreciate your honesty and will likely be able to accommodate your leave.

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Starting a new job should be exciting so get all of your questions out of the way in the first few days so you can settle those nerves and enjoy your new role.

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