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Customer Success Strategy Customer Success Strategy Rincon Company John Pittman, VP Customer Success January 20, 2015

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High-Level customer success Strategy 1. Maximize CLV 2. Segment & treat customers by lifecycle and persona 3. Build cross-department customer engagement plan

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customer success lens Target Customer Influence Direct Impact Acquisition Free Trial Pipeline Onboarding Engagement Adoption Customer Feedback Renewal Expansion We will focus on the latter stages of the customer lifecycle. And exert influence over the early stages.

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Customer Churn levers Onboarding Engagement Adoption Customer Feedback Renewal Expansion We are focused on improvements to our onboarding, ongoing engagement and renewal process. Q2 Focus

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Onboarding has been our focus. Shift focus to deeper in the customer lifecycle. Onboarding Going Beyond onboarding Customer ROI more than onboarding time and technical deployment. What happens after onboarding (adoption) really matters. Adoption Historically sales has “owned” renewal. Customer success will now run renewals. New process initiates renewals 90 days out Renewal

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Adoption metric = health score High activity Good health Health vs. Activity Customer Health scores measure effectiveness of our adoption efforts at the portfolio and individual CSM level. poor health Low activity Decrease unhealthy customer count from 34% to 25%.

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Strategic metrics Our CLV Calculation 75% x $500 / 1% = $37,500 $20,000 / $2,000,000 = 1% We Measure “Eligible Churn” Gross Margin % Average MRR per account Monthly churn % Revenue Lost During Period Total Revenue Due For Renewal During Period Many CLV & Churn calculation methods exist. The ones below best fit our business model. We will standardize on these.

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CAC & CRC Model Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) $1.00 to get $1.15 Customer Retention Cost (CRC) $0.12 to retain $1.00 Spend New ACV Spend ACV Customer success will spend 12% of ACV to retain existing customers.

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Customer segments We have two distinct customer segments. We will develop tailored customer success playbooks for each. Self-service Professional Services Professional Edition Enterprise Edition

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Needs analysis – Professional Edition Smaller professional edition customers need UI to drive adoption, self-serve customer portal and marketing for nurture. Customer Success Product Customer Marketing Automated Customer Nurture Customer Success to drive content, Marketing to own execution. Product Experience Customer Success & Product jointly to interpret usage analytics for self-serve. Product to implement UI changes. Customer Portal Customer Success to refresh self-serve content in customer portal. 1. 2. 3.

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Needs analysis – Professional Edition Enterprise customers need high-touch treatment from Customer Success and additional product features to fill gaps. Customer Success Product Customer Marketing Product Customization Product team to dedicate share of each 2-week sprint to enterprise customer customizations. Professional Services Scale professional services staffing levels to match targeted new customer and up-sell volume. Needs analysis – enterprise Edition 1. 2.

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Customers’ Shoes – Critical Path “Oriented” [week 2] Understand functionality Comfortable with interface Internal plan composed “Progress” [week 6] % increase in visitors % increase in leads Lead-to-sales % increase “Active” [week 4] New leads flowing 1st workflow live 1st blog post live Technical Set-up [week 1] Blog migrated CRM integrated Website code deployed “Initial Value” [week 8] Build attribution report Complete month of stats “Full Speed” [week 10] Email campaign sent Lead nurture active Social monitoring active “Achievement” [weeks 12-52] % lead goal achieved % new sales goal achieved Level of effort required Renewal [week 52]

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Barriers to Customer Success “Oriented” Customer Challenges None Our Issues Confusing reports module “Progress” Customer Challenges Showing slow growth Our Issues None “Active” Customer Challenges Website Form tech skills Our Issues None Technical Set-up Customer Challenges Subdomain takes time Our Issues Blog migration is slow “Initial Value” Customer Challenges Alignment on attribution Our Issues None “Full Speed” Customer Challenges Create enough content Our Issues None “Achievement” Customer Challenges Missed quarterly lead goal Our Issues None Renewal Customer Challenges None Our Issues Waiting too long to renew

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customer Success Team VP Client Services Sr. Consultant Sr. Consultant Sr. Consultant Assoc. Consultant Assoc. Consultant Chief Customer Officer Director, Customer Support VP Customer Success Sr. Support Manager Support Manager Customer Advocate Customer Advocate Director, Customer Success Customer Success Manager Customer Success Manager Customer Success Engineer Focus on enterprise customers Make feature/integration requests of Product team Onboarding focus Handle all inbound product support requests Interact with Client Services or Customer Success as needed Monitor & take action on customer health Manage customer portal Work with marketing on nurture programs Work with Product on self-serve features