Career Clusters: Forecasting Demand For High School Through College Jobs 2008-2018

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Career Clusters: Forecasting Demand For High School Through College Jobs 2008-2018 Anthony P. Carnevale and Nicole Smith November 14, 2011

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Overview •  This report analyzes the demand for high school workers and projects the need for high school through college jobs throughout 2018

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Major Highlights •  Jobs for workers with a high school diploma or less still exist, but are declining •  By 2018 the demand for high skilled and middle-skilled-workers will be greater

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Manufacturing Careers like manufacturing will decline between 2008 and 2018, but about 2 million jobs will become available as baby boomers retire

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Male Dominated Careers •  Manufacturing, construction, transportation, and hospitality are male dominated careers with the greatest possibility to employee high school level workers

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Male vs. Female Wages •  A male can earn $35K with a high-school diploma in manufacturing, and a female must have postsecondary education to earn nearly the same salary •  Middle skill jobs are the minimum requirement for females to earn a higher salary

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Wage Gap

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Middle Skill Jobs •  Middle-skill jobs require some level of postsecondary education and lead to a median salary of $45k

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Middle Skill Jobs •  Six Career Clusters: manufacturing, marketing, transportation, healthcare, business and hospitality •  Fastest growing: healthcare by 21% and hospitality by 12%

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Advanced Degrees •  Workers with a Bachelor’s degree or higher have the most positive career outlook •  People with a B.A. will make over $35K and average $60K

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Conclusion •  Obtaining postsecondary credentials lead to more lucrative careers, especially for women •  Throughout 2018 workforce demands will shift and the demand for skilled workers will flourish

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