5 Secrets for Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level

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Like aiming a rocket ship into orbit, if you get [corporate culture] wrong from the start, your trajectory will only get worse over time. 1 1 “Small Businesses Need to Scale Corporate Culture During Rapid Growth to Survive,” Forbes, 2015. — HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

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INTRODUCTION As a small business owner, you have hundreds of priorities on your plate. Equally as important is establishing a corporate culture that attracts and retains top talent. If your business scales at a faster pace than your corporate culture, you can run into structural problems that may require significant recovery time.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS This guide includes five insightful tips and secrets to help you grow your business quickly without ruining your culture. 1 2 3 4 5 GET A HEAD START WITH TECHNOLOGY AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE MAKE THE RIGHT HIRES ENCOURAGE TEAM BONDING CREATE A SENSE OF PURPOSE Focus on the right things to take your business to the next level.

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Over 90% of SMBs now use at least one cloud business solution and 87% use at least one cloud infrastructure solution. 2 2 “2014 Small and Medium Business Routes to Market Study,” The SMB Group, 2014. — THE SMB GROUP

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1 GET A HEAD START WITH TECHNOLOGY For many small businesses, the key differentiators are team, purpose, and culture. To stay on the right trajectory — and enable rapid growth — adopt cloud, mobile, and other technologies that can streamline your processes, so you can focus on what sets your company apart.

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67% of best-in-class companies* automate their employee performance management. 4 — ABERDEEN GROUP * “Best-in-class” is characterized by fast growth and strong customer and employee relationships. 4 “Employee Performance Management: Creating a High-Performance Culture,” The Aberdeen Group, 2013.

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2 AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE, AUTOMATE High-performing sales organizations are almost twice as likely as underperforming organizations to use automated or closely monitored processes.5 Automating processes helps you map out a route to success that protects your team, purpose, and culture from roadblocks. “ unning a small business R without a plan is a lot like driving without directions.” 6 — Goldman Sachs 5 The New Science of Sales Performance, Harvard Business Review, 2015. 6 Articles for Small Business Owners, Goldman Sachs, 2015.

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CPQ MOVE FASTER BY AUTOMATING SALES PROCESSES Steelbrick CPQ provides an easy, affordable, and scalable way to automate the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) process and generate accurate and customized quotes and proposals. + Eliminates errors in opportunities,  quotes, and contracts + Quickly creates professional-looking  quotes and proposals + Increases deal sizes with upsell and  cross-sell guidance “SteelBrick CPQ sets us up for the kind of growth we know we’re going to have.” — Lars Nilsson VP, Field Operations, Cloudera

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No matter how smart and experienced a new hire is, if the individual’s values do not align with the company’s culture, overall productivity will go down. 7 — THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 7 “How Expanding Businesses Can Keep Their Small-Company Culture,” The Wall Street Journal, 2014.

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3 MAKE THE RIGHT HIRES It’s too easy for companies to grow quickly, only to realize early-stage culture is in jeopardy. That’s why it’s important to hire people whose values align with your company culture — and to maximize productivity by staying closely connected to those employees as you grow. “ here is no substitute for T direct contact with the folks who set the agenda.” 8 — The Wall Street Journal 8 “How Expanding Businesses Can Keep Their Small-Company Culture,” The Wall Street Journal, 2014.

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When 30 employees from a professional services firm agreed to help one another more, they created $261,400 worth of business value and saved 1,244 hours of work. 9 — MCKINSEY & COMPANY 9 “How Expanding Businesses Can Keep Their Small-Company Culture,” The Wall Street Journal, 2014.

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4 ENCOURAGE TEAM BONDING Teamwork creates efficiencies that help companies achieve rapid growth. In a McKinsey & Company study,10 the strongest predictor of group effectiveness was the amount of help employees gave to one another. Encourage growth and increase value by creating programs where employees ask for help, and by offering incentives for cooperation. “ rganizations benefit when O employees freely contribute their knowledge and skills to others.” — McKinsey & Company 10 “Givers Take All: The Hidden Dimension of Corporate Culture,” McKinsey & Company, 2013.

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More than 80% of executives and employees who work for an organization with a strong sense of purpose say they’re confident that their organization will be able to scale. 11 — DELOITTE 11 “Culture of Purpose,” Deloitte, 2014.

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5 CREATE A SENSE OF PURPOSE Companies with a strong mission — making a positive impact on customers, employees, and society — also prioritize clients and have higher levels of employee engagement. “ ou need to begin by Y understanding your ‘why’ from the inside out. This is about mission, not marketing. What calling does your business serve?” 12 — Harvard Business Review “Small and Medium Business Routes to Market Study,” The SMB Group, 2014. 12

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GET FUTURE-READY WITH SAGE LIVE Get what you need to be future-ready today and make faster and better decisions, with the ability to view and share financial, sales, and operational data. + Improves employee connections and  experience with instant social collaboration +  rovides transparency on financial, P operational, and customer (CRM) information + Gives mobile real-time information  to results and experiments “ he mobility and flexibility of Sage Live allows T me to run my business from anywhere. Access to real-time information has helped us focus more on our customers.” — Jennifer Ku Owner, LaundryLaundry.com

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An energetic culture can be one of your greatest assets in taking your business to the next level. To protect that asset, leverage apps from the AppExchange to: Streamline sales processes + Track sales performance + Close more deals VISIT US

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