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Template Investor Deck by Alexander Jarvis

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Follow and connect with me @ADJBlog https://angel.co/alexander-jarvis sg.linkedin.com/in/alexanderdjarvis/

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This is a guide to writing your initial pitch deck for investors, which you ideally send prior to a meet This is orientated to Seed stage companies More detail will be needed when you go further in discussions It is impossible to have a perfect template Every business is different, so certain slides such as product will need to be changed to suit your industry/business model Metrics/KPIs etc all need to be changed to your business model and stage Appearance matters, change it to suit your brand Notes

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Logo Pitch to [Investor] Date: 31 Jan 2014 Company Name Company tag line

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Elevator Pitch X for Y: Pitch: Widget is uber for food delivery in the home segment Widget is the most convenient way for affluent customers in Singapore to have canned goods delivered to their home at no cost

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Company History Milestones Investors Investor logo Investor logo Investor logo Investor logo Summary Cap Table

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Team Founders Key Team Advisors Founder Image Founder Image Team Image Team Image Advisor Image Advisor Image

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Problem Source: Support what you have said

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Our Unique Solution Source: Support what you have said

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What is specific to your business that will enable you to beat competition e.g. 2 years ahead in research What competitive moats / barriers to entry can you create e.g. exclusivity with suppliers Do you have unfair advantages? e.g. Dad is Finance minister and will block entrants Unfair Advantage

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Product - [Key Functionality] Product screenshot

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Product - [Category mix] Product screenshot

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Customer Traction

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Market Size Opportunity $2bn $1bn $5bn TAM SAM SOM Assumptions Assumptions Assumptions Source: Support what you have said

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Competitive Landscape Fast Slow High Value Low Value Widget Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp Comment Comment Comment Source: Support what you have said

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How we are Different to Competition Competitor Funding Focus Difference Source: Support what you have said

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Timing and Trends Trend Implication Source: Support what you have said

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Go to Market Strategy Sales and Channels Target Region Target Clients and Offering Traction Build Scale Source: Support what you have said

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Individual SME Enterprise Business / Revenue Model

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Financials Revenue Forecast Key Metrics

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Financing Round

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Funding Milestones to be Achieved

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Contact Jim Jones CEO [email protected] Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/jimjones